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Armor Ambush


(For two players)

The object of the game is to knock out enemy tanks, while avoiding hits on your tanks. You ambush the enemy, swing into position and FIRE! 3 hits and your opponent's tank blows up. Each round in the battle takes place on a _different_ battlefield!. At the start both players have 25 tanks. Game's up when either player loses _all_ 25!

For Your Atari* Video Game System

(C) Mattel, Inc. 1982. Hawthorne, CA 90250. _PRINTED IN U.S.A._ All Rights Reserved.

*ATARI is a trademark of ATARI INC.


You and your opponent are rival tank commanders! You each have two tanks per round, with a total of 25 in the game. _Switch_ command from tank to tank. Keep your opponent on the run. (Remember that your other tank is vulnerable while you are fighting [with] the second tank!) The battlefields you fight over will change again and again. Trees, buildings, water hazards -- will _all_ be in _different_ positions every new round (after either player has lost both tanks to enemy fire!) Battle goes on until one side has lost _all 25 tanks_.


Use your joystick controllers with this game. {drawing of hands Be sure the controller cables are securely holding a joystick} plugged into the back of your game console. Each player holds the controller so that the red FIRING BUTTON is to the UPPER LEFT.

                      (T)                       MOVING YOUR TANKS:
                  MOVE FORWARD
              __________________                Push Joystick FORWARD to move
             |( )     ##        |               tank forward.
             |( )     ##        |
             |        ##        |               Push Joystick RIGHT to turn
(L) TURN     |        ##        | (R) TURN      tank CLOCKWISE.
COUNTER-     |##################| CLOCKWISE
CLOCKWISE    |        ##        |               Push Joystick LEFT to turn
             |        ##        |               tank COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.
             |        ##        |
             |________##________|               Push Joystick BACK to SWITCH
                                                COMMANDS, fight [with] your
                      (B)                       2ND TANK.
                   SWITCH TO
                  OTHER TANK

IMPORTANT: Tanks WILL NOT BACK UP. They will merely slide around building and continue in a forward direction. To reverse direction, you must MOVE in a CIRCLE. (Push joystick RIGHT or LEFT.)


Swing your tank around until your gun barrel points directly at the enemy tank. Move within RANGE. (Very long shots will NOT reach.)


Every time you fire, your own tank will recoil, knocking your aim off target. Maneuver for the next shot. Line up your gun barrel AGAIN! (Watch the path of your shots -- dots crossing the screen.)


{picture of back of 2600A, LEFT DIFFICULTY SWITCH highlighted in red}

Only the LEFT Difficulty Switch makes any difference in game play. In "B" position your shots DO NOT bounce (ricochet) off buildings, trees, etc. In "B" position, a miss is juust a miss.

In "A" position, shots DO bounce off. They MIGHT even boomerang right back and KNOCK OUT YOUR OWN TANK! In "A" position, you'll have to be _careful_ of your shots. A miss and an unlucky rebound could be trouble.


1. Depress RESET button. {picture of opening/status screen; BLACK: 25 {drawing of GAME RESET switch} BLUE: 25 }

{drawing of a screen: grass with 2. Bring up BATTLE MAP. Either road, buildings, water, trees, player pushes red button to select 2 black tanks, and 2 blue tanks. map aka Battle Map}

{drawing of hand holding joystick, 3. Both players WORK JOYSTICK [to] RED FIRING BUTTON highlighted} maneuver tanks, aim and FIRE! (Press red FIRING BUTTON.)

To bring up NEW MAP, after one player has lost both tanks, push RED BUTTON down. New map and 4 new tanks will appear. Begin next round.


1. WATCH YOUR TERRAIN. Tanks move FAST on roads. SLOWER through trees. SLOWEST through a water hazard. (Tanks will NOT go through BUILDINGS. Nor can you shoot through them!)

2. PRACTICE YOUR AIM. Use gun barrel for sighting BEFORE you shoot. Remember, enemy tanks will not stand still. Adjust your aim. (Watch the DOTS... the path of your shots.)

3. ADJUST FOR RECOIL. Your own tank will change direction every time you shoot. Hits on the enemy's tanks will also cause them to change direction.

4. PRACTICE COORDINATING the JOYSTICK with the FIRE BUTTON. (Remember: your tank will _not_ turn like a swivel-hip halfback. It will turn in stages, deliberately. In other words, a tank will move like a tank!)

5. SWITCH TANKS and cross up the other player! If things are getting a little too hot, pull back on the JOYSTICK and fight with your OTHER tank.

6. GET IN THE FIRST HIT. Get the jump! Get into position FIRST. Start shooting FIRST. Surprise is a great ally!

IMPORTANT: Be sure to turn your game unit off when not in use.

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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance