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ATARI 2600

Stellar Gateway to the Universe

*STARGATE is a trademark and (C) Williams 1981, manufactured 
under license from Williams Electronics, Inc.

First, the best brains in the world designed a super spaceship 
to defend your planet against eveil aliens who lusted to 
conquer it.  But the marauders kept coming!

Your new secret weapon: STARGATE, a powerful stellar gatweay 
to the universe.  It's the only hope for your beleagured 
planet!  Once again, you take to the skies in your ship -- now 
fortified with the mysterious cloaking compound, INVISO.  With 
the help of the STARGATE, maybe -- just maybe -- you can save 
the last humanoids and wipe out the aliens FOREVER!


Insert the STARGATE cartridge as explained in your 2600 Video 
Computer System owner's guide, and turn on your system.

Use Two Joysticks!  Plug a joystick controller into BOTH 
controller jacks for this one-player game.  Use the left 
controller for manuevering your ship and firing on the aliens.

Use the right controller to activate SMARTBOMBS and INVISO, 
and to jump to HYPERSPACE.  Press the fire button to activate 
SMARTBOMBS.  Move the joystick forward to activate INVISO; 
move it back to activate HYPERSPACE.  If you run out of 
SMARTBOMBS, pressing the fire button will activate INVISO.  
Once you run out of INVISO, pressing the fire button will send 
you into HYPERSPACE.

You can complete up to 100 attack waves in STARGATE.  You 
begin the next attack wave each time you clear the planet of 

Press GAME RESET or the left fire button to begin the attack.


The Tricks Up Your Sleeve

You begin the game with three ships, three SMARTBOMBS, about 
six seconds of INVISO, and enough energy to HYPERSPACE 
temporarily out of danger -- the number of ships and 
SMARTBOMBS and the amount of INVISO you have left are shown at 
the top of your screen.

For every 10,000 points, you score, you earn another ship, 
another SMARTBOMB, and more INVISO.

SMART BOMBS destroy all the enemies on a screen.  Use your 
SMARTBOMBS sparingly.

INVISO makes you temporarily invisible for about two seconds.  
You can still fire while cloaked with INVISO, and anything you 
pass through will automatically be destroyed.

HYPERSPACE temporarily sends you into space war -- you never 
know where you'll reappear.  Use HYPERSPACE only as a last 
resort!  It's very unpredictable -- you might blow up on any 
given HYPERSPACE attempt.

STARGATES warp you to a part of the plance where a HUMANOID is 
in danger, or, if all the HUMANOIDS are temporarily safe, 
passing through a STARGATE will transport you to the opposite 
side of the planet.

HMANOIDS are defenseless.  Pick up HUMANOIDS by docking with 
them in the sky.  To set them down, gently guide your ship 
down to the planet surface.  The HUMANOIDS will beam to the 
nearest Humanoid Space Station on the planet.  They're still 
vulnerable while at the Space Station -- so you'll have to 
protect them.

You can also keep the rescued HUMANOIDS with you on board your 
ship.  IN attack waves 1 through 9, if you pass through a 
STARGATE while transporting four or more HUMANOIDS on your 
ship, you'll automatically advance four waves in the game.  
You'll also receive 1000 points for every HUMANOID left on the 

At the end of attack waves 1 through 5, you receive 100, 200, 
300, 400, or 500 points for every HUMANOID left on the plance, 
respectively.  After the 5th attack wave, you receive 500 
points for every HUMANOID left.

The Tricks Up Their sleeves

Each alien ship has a different function and mission.

LANDERS fire lethal charges at you.  Worse, they also kidnap 
HUMANOIDS from the planet below and carry them to the stars 
above.  Shoot LANDERS for 150 points each.  If one makes it to 
the top of the screen with a HUMANOID, both the HUMANOID and 
LANDER are transformed into a destructive MUTANT.

MUTANTS are worth 150 points also.  The heads of MUTANTS 
rotate, and they flash with bright colors.  They also fire 
white charges at you while they make their assault.

YLLABIAN SPACE GUPPYS are mindless puppets, but they'll home 
in and destroy you if you're not careful.  Pulverize them for 
200 points each.

FIREBOMBERS are treacherous.  Blast them for 250 points each 
and get them out of your way early on.

PODS bob around like bouncing balls.  Shooting one earns you 
1000 points.

SWARMERS are begotten from PODS.  Once you shoot a POD, three 
SWARMERS are released, and it takes three shots to destroy 
them.  Each SWARMER is worth 150 points.

DYNAMOS are cubic creatures that swirl around the heavens 
above the planet surface.  Explode them for 200 points each.

BAITERS appear if you take too long to finish off a wave.  
They fire on you and move fast and furiously.  Stop a BAITER 
in its path for 200 points.

PHREDS are no fun.  Again, if you waste time during your 
attack, these nasty creatures join the attack.  Frazzle a 
PHRED for 200 points.

MUNCHIES are followers of PHREDS.  Zap 'em for 50 points each.

(Baiters look like flying saucers, Phreds like the letter C,
Munchies like small Phreds)



The Scanner on your screen shows you any area on the planet 
where HUMANOIDS are in danger.  Keep an eye on your scanner -- 
it will alert you to any emergencies in another part of the 
sky.  Rush to a STARGATE for immediate transport to that sector.

Your planet will be destroyed if all the HUMANOIDS are turned 
into MUTANTS -- but you must still defend yourself!  If you're 
a good fighter, your planet will be restored in wave 6, or in 
every fifth wave after that.

In attack wave 5 and every 10th attack wave thereafter, you'll 
encounter the YLLABIAN DOG FIGHT.  The only aliens that appear 
on the screen are YLLABIAN SPACE GUPPYS, PODS, and DYNAMOS.  
It takes skill and practice to make it through this wave.

In every 10th attack wave, you'll find yourself in the middle 
of a FIREBOMBER SHOWDOWN.  FIREBOMBERS are everywhere.  Kep a 
sharp eye and a nimble firing finger.

Whenever you lose a ship, you reappear on the screen with a 
new one (if you have any left).  But all action stops until 
you move the joystick.

Along with the powers of your super spaceship, you've been 
blessed with supersonic hearing.  You can hear the HUMANOIDS 
scream as they're being accosted by LANDERS.  On your side of 
the planet, this comes as a faint yelp.  The sound of 
explosions means that a HUMANOID and LANDER have just been 
transformed into a MUTANT.

All rights reserved

Reproduction in whole or part is forbidden without the written 
permission of Atari, Corp., Sunnyvale, CA 94086
CO19741-120/A Rev. A Model 26120 VL.9.1987

Designed by Williams Electronics, Inc.
Programmed by Bill Aspromonte
Computer Graphics by Bill Aspromonte
Audio by Andrew Fuchs  

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance