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Video Game Cartridge For The Atari 2600 VCS



Snack Attack!

   You are TAZ, the ravenous Tasmanian Devil who whirls like a
tornado and eats everything in sight. Hamburgers, root beer, ice
cream - you are jazzed by such junk! But look out, sometimes your
feeding is so frenzied that you accidentally swallow dynamite!
Pow! What a bellyache!
   Your objective: Glut on every edible item that comes your way
to achieve the fattest score possible while you stay alive as long
as possible.

Place Your Order

   Turn the console power switch off before inserting or removing
the TAZ cartridge. This will protect the electronic components and
prolong the life of your Atari 2600 Video Computer System game.
   Plug your Joystick into the LEFT CONTROLLER jack for a one-player
game; plug a second Joystick into the right controller jack for
two-player games. Hold the controller with the fire button to your
upper left, toward the television screen. See your owner's manual
for details.
   Press the fire button on your Joystick Controller to start the
game. Use your Joystick to move up, down, and sideways on the
long tables. To eat an item, simply cover it with the Taz
   Press GAME SELECT to choose a one or two player game. The
numeral 1 appears at the lower left side of screen to indicate
a one-player game, and the numeral 2 appears at lower left to
indicate a two-player game.
   Press GAME RESET to stop a game in progress and return to the
TAZ title screen.
   Set the TV TYPE switch to color to play the game on a color
set. Set it to B/W to play on a black and white television.
   The DIFFICULTY switches have no function in TAZ.

The Unbalanced Meals Are Served

   TAZ is an eating contest composed of three unbalanced meals.
Each meal consists of eight courses. After you eat 50 items of one
course, the next course is served. As you progress through the
courses, the food moves faster and arrives more frequently.
When you finish all eight courses of one meal, you immediately
start the next. In each of the three meals the same food is
served in the same sequence - you start with hamburgers and end
with sundaes. If you devour all three meals you are rewarded with
a surprise "dessert." What could it be - a stomach pump?
   You start the game with three lives. Each time you swallow
dynamite you lose a life. The game ends when you lose your last
life. You win bonus lives at: 10,000 points, 30,000,  50,000,
80,000, 110,000, 150,000, and every 40,000 points thereafter.
The maximum number of lives that can be displayed on screen at
once is four; the maximum you can have is eight.

Crazed Wave

   After you finish the fudgesicle course in the first meal, the
game pauses and the words CRAZED WAVE appear on the screen. This
is a warning that from here on the game gets crazier because
the food is served faster and faster.


You Score What You Eat

You can score a total 999,999 points before the score rolls over.

FOOD          POINTS
Hamburger       50
Root Beer      100
Ice Cream Cone 200
Fudgesicle     300
Apple Core     400
Turnip         500
Tomato         500
Sundae         500
?Surprise      500

Dynamite Tips

   Don't stay near the edge of the screen. This is where an item
first appears and you won't have time to see if it's food or
dynamite. When dynamite comes between you and food, wait until
the path is clear to move up or down the screen.
   Remember that you can wait in a single path as long as you like.
You won't be penalized, and it may give you more time to plan
your strategy.

Printed in U.S.A.
(C) 1983 Atari, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

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Designed and Programmed by Steven Woita

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance