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Carnival - Coleco - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

**-** Front Page **-**

     The Official                             Guide No. 78091
       C A R N I V A L
         by SEGA (R)

   Cartridge Instructions


   * For one or two players    * For color or black-and-white TV

                                                  C O L E C O

**-** Page 2 **-**

   G A M E  D E S C R I P T I O N


Step right up and prove your skill at hitting targets in this
challenging carnival shooting gallery.  Take aim to build up
your score with careful choice of targets, but watch out for
the bullet-eating ducks!

  G E T T I N G  R E A D Y  T O  P L A Y

* Make sure the Video Computer System(TM) is connected to
  the TV, and the power supply is plugged in.

* Be sure that you have plugged the controllers into the jacks
  at the rear of the Video Computer System(TM)

* Insert cartridge as shown, then turn On/Off switch to ON.

**-** Page 3 **-**

   ATARI(R) Video Computer System(TM)



**-** Page 4 **-**

  U S I N G  Y O U R  C O N T R O L S


1. CONTROL STICK: Push the Control Stick right or left to
   move the gun.

2. RED BUTTON: Press the red button to fire the gun.

  H E R E ' S  H O W  T O  P L A Y


NOTE: Set the Left and Right Difficulty Switches to Position A.

STEP 1:  Getting Started

After power is turned on, a demonstration of the game is
shown on the screen.  Press the Red Button on the left controller
or the Game Reset switch to start the one-player game.

To select a two-player game, press the Game Select switch for
two-player, then press Game Reset.

STEP 2:  Fire away!

Rack up points by firing bullets at the moving targets:

   * Owls            * Ducks
   * Rabbits         * Extra-Bullet Boxes

But be careful how you aim.  Your bullet supply is limited.

**-** Page 5 **-**


Players Score Indicator -|-------------> 0 0 0 0 0                |
                 Pipes  -|------------->  #--I--#                 |
     Plus-Minus Target  -|-> + 3 0 0       #####                  |
                         |   -------              ----------------|
                         | O     D                 O  R  R        |
   Extra-Bullet Target  -|---> [8]                  D        O    |
                         | R  R       D                 R         |
           Flying Duck  -|-------------->  X                      |
                         |                                        |
                   Gun  -|--------------> L                       |
Bullet Supply Indicator >|##############################          |

  * The O's look like owls, the D's look like ducks, the R's look
    like Rabbits.  The [8] is a box with an 8 in it.  The X looks
    like a duck flying, and the L looks like a hand gun point up.

                           S T R A T E G Y


What out! Ducks that you don't hit can fly down from the
bottom row to eat ten of your bullets!

Special Strategy: Make sure you use up at least eight bullets
before hitting the Extra-Bullet target.  Your bullet supply can
never show more than 40 bullets.


Eight on-target hits clear the pipes from the screen.  Hit the
same color pipes with the two consecutive shots and you get four
time the pipe score value.

Special Strategy: Knock out the pipes early in the game, while
avoiding the moving targets.  If the pipes remain in view while
you are hitting moving targets, ducks, ducks and more
ducks start coming out!

**-** Page 6 **-**


Score extra points or bullets by hitting the plus-minus target
when the plus sign shows.  But look out!  If the minus-sign is
showing when the target is hit, the points or bullets are sub-
tracted from your score or bullet supply.


Clear the rack of all moving targets and pipes to move on to
the next higher level of game play.  The game ends when the
last bullet is fired.

To replay the type of game you have playing, press the
Game Reset switch.


        Points scored for each target are listing according to
        level of play:

     TARGET           LEVEL:   1         2         3        4

     Pipe                     200       200       200      200
     Bottom Row                20        30        40       50
     Middle Row                40        50        60       70
     Top Row                   60        70        80       90
     Extra Bullet               8         8         8        8

Hit two pipes of the same color with two consecutive shots for
a score of 200 points for the first pipe and 800 points for the

After you clear the gallery, 50 points are added to your score
for each bullet remaining at the bottom of the screen.  The
maximum number of bullets you can have in the Bullet Supply
is 40.


**-** Page 7 **-**

  T H E  F U N  O F  D I S C O V E R Y

This instruction booklet will provide the basic information you
need to get started playing CARNIVAL(R), but it is only the
beginning!  You'll find that this cartridge is full of special fea-
tures to make CARNIVAL(R) exciting every time you play.
Experiment with different techniques - and enjoy the game!

  9 0 - D A Y  L I M I T E D  W A R R A N T Y


**-** Back Cover **-**


 All returns must be directed to:  Coleco Industries, Inc.
                                   Consumer Electronics Department
                                   P.O. Box 47
                                   Amsterdam, New York 12010
                                   Attention: Consumer Quality Manager

                     C O L E C O

CARNIVAL(R) and Sega(R) are trademarks of Sega Enterprises,
Inc. (C) 1980 Sega Enterprises, Inc.

Atari(R) and Video Computer Systems(TM) are trademarks of Atari,

Sears Video Arcade(TM) is a trademark of Sears Roebuck & Co.

Package, Program and Audiovisual (C) 1982 Coleco Indus-
tries, Inc. Amsterdam, New York, 12010

             Printed in U.S.A.

**--** END of Instructions **-**

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance