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Commando Raid - U.S. Games - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Commando Raid
U.S.GAMES                       VC 1004

Raid (TM)


A Subsidiary of The Quaker Oats Company
1515 Wyatt Drive
Santa Clara, California 95054

Commando Raid

Commando Raid is a single player, full color game simulating Arcade Action
and designed to be played on the ATARI (R) Video Computer System (TM) or
the Sears Video Arcade (R).

You are in defense of your buildings which have come under attack by android
commando raiders. Without warning they appear, intent on capturing your
buildings and destroying your gun emplacement.

First the troop carrying helicopters fly in dropping android paratroopers
to test your defenses. Soon the sky is filled with fluttering helicopters
and wave after wave of android paratroopers. They must be destroyed! Each
paratrooper allowed to land on a building destroys a portion of that
building. If three paratroopers land on a building. It will be totally
destroyed and must be considered under commando control.

Worse still, the androids can now tunnel towards your gun emplacement.
Each paratrooper who lands on that building expands the tunnel. If they
are not stopped, they will plant an explosive charge under the gun.

In the midst of the battle, an aircraft may appear. It will drop a
devastating bomb which can destroy all buildings and the gun emplacement.
You must shoot it down or at least shoot the bomb it drops. If you miss,
its back to basic training!

{screen shot, pointing out: SCORE, BOMBER, BOMB, HELICOPTER,


1)      Connect the Atari (R) Video Computer System (TM) or
        Sears Video Arcade (R) following the manufacturers instructions.
2)      Install the Left joystick control. The Right joystick is not used.
3)      Insert the cartridge making certain that the power is OFF
4)      Move the POWER switch to ON.
5)      Select the game variations of your choice using the left and right
        difficulty switches and the TV TYPE switch.
6)      Move the joystick forward to start the game.
7)      Push the RESET switch any time to start the game.
8)      After the game is over, a new game may be started by pressing the
        joystick forward.


1)      Shooting down a helicopter or bomber is equal to 200 points.
2)      Shooting down a commando paratrooper or a bomb is equal to
        115 points.


Every 10,000 points you will be awarded a new building to take the place of
the building that is most badly damaged. A ringing bell signals the award.

Levels of play

There are eight levels of play.

Each level is defined by a different colored paratrooper Squad.

Each level contains more paratroopers in a single helicopter attack.

Game variation selection

1)      The COLOR SWITCH selects anti-aircraft fire control;
                Color = Manual Fire
                Black & White = Automatic Fire
2)      The LEFT DIFFICULTY SWITCH selects straight bullets or steerable
                Position A = Straight Bullets
                Position B = Steerable Missiles
3)      The RIGHT DIFFICULTY SWITCH selects the Bomber;
                Position A = No Bomber
                Position B = Bomber

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Atari (R) and Video Computer System (TM) are trademarks of ATARI, INC.
Video Arcade (R) is a trademarks of Sears, Roebuck and Co.

VC1004          (C) 1982 U.S. Games Corporation         Printed in Taiwan

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