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Atari 5200 Programmers

ProgrammersBack in the days of the Atari 2600, most games were created by a single individual who did the design, programming, graphics and sound. These days it takes large teams of people many months (years!) to create a single game. But back then, if you had the skills you could program a 2600 game by yourself in a few short months (weeks!) As time passed and the capabilities of systems improved, more people were needed in order to produce a quality game.

The information provided below comes from many different sources. Some companies, such as Activision, were pretty open about who their programmers were. Others, such as Atari, kept this info in the dark (probably to keep other companies from stealing their talent!) Several classic gaming programmers have publicly spoken about their accomplishments, and for those individuals information is generally comprehensive. We also used The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers as a reference in compiling our list of programmers for Atari systems. And some games have the programmer's name listed in the manual, on the cartridge, or somewhere in the game itself.

The list below is by no means complete. For that matter, this list is only a small subset of programmers who worked on titles for Atari systems. Unfortunately, as time goes on it's likely that such information will be even harder to come by. If you know someone who worked in the classic game industry, please let us know! We'd love to hear from them and would like to fill in as many blanks as possible. And we're not just talking about programmers here, we'll also acknowledge designers, artists, musicians, and so forth.

System View:   

System Name
Alan Davis
Alan Murphy
Alex DeMeo
Allen Merrell
Bill Hogue
Bob Henderson
Bob Merrell
Bruce Poehlman
Bryan Edewaard
Carol Shaw
Charlie Kellner
Chris Mikolyski
Courtney Granner
Dan Gorlin
Dan Oliver
Dan Thompson
Dave Rolfe
David Crane
David Fox
David Levine
David Riordan
E. F. Dreyer
Eric Knopp
Eric Manghise
Eric Nickell
Eugene Jarvis
Fernando Herrera
Frank Hausman
Garry Hare
Garry Kitchen
Gary Stark
Glyn Anderson
James Andreasen
Jerry White
Jim Huether
Joe Copson
Joe Hellesen
John Seghers
John Swiderski
John Van Ryzin
Joseph Tung
Keith Dreyer
Keith Erickson
Keithen Hayenga
Ken Jordan
Ken Siders
Landon Dyer
Larry DeMar
Larry Gelberg
Larry Kaplan
Leo Salinas
Loren Carpenter
Marilyn Churchill Theurer
Matthew Hubbard
Mike Lorenzen
Monti Rieman
Patrick Bass
Paul Willson
Peter Langston
Rob Zdybel
Robert Diaz
Robert Vieira
Ron Lloyd
Ronen Habot
Steve Baker
Steve Cartwright
Steve Kitchen
Steve Kranish
Steve Tucker
Tom Loughry
Torre Meeder
W. Sean Hennessy