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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

Secret Players
Disable tournament mode. Enter one of the following sets of initials by holding Option and the indicated button for that intial. A "?" character indicates any button may be pressed. A "_" character indicates a space in the initials. The phrase "Secret Player" will appear to confirm correct code entry.

     CLINTON     "C"+B "I"+n "C"+A     Bill Clinton
Move cursor to "C".  Press Option+B.  Move cursor to "I".  Press A, B, or C.  
Move cursor to "C".  Press Option+A.

     ADISAK      "A"+C "L"+B "P"+A     Adisak L. Pochanayon (High Voltage)
     ADROCK      "A"+B "D"+C "R"+n     Adrock (Beastie Boys)
     AIR DOG     "A"+B "I"+n "R"+C     Eric "Air Dog" Samulski (Acclaim)
     BENNY       "B"+C "N"+n "Y"+B     Benny (Bulls mascot)
     BIRD        "B"+A "R"+C "D"+A     Larry Bird
     BLAZE       "B"+C "L"+n "Z"+C     Carol Blazekowski (NBA)
     CHAMBERS    "K"+n "C"+A " "+n     Kristine Chambers (Atari)
     CHARLES     "R"+n "O"+A "Y"+B     Prince Charles
     CLINTON     "C"+B "I"+n "C"+A     Bill Clinton (President of the USA)
     CLINTON     "H"+n "C"+B " "+n     Hillary Clinton (First Lady)
     CORRELL     "C"+C "R"+A "L"+n     Correll (Atari)
     CRUNCH      "C"+n "R"+B "N"+A     Crunch (Wolves mascot)
     DAMION      "D"+A "J"+B "D"+C     Damion J. Davis (High Voltage)
     DI-VITA     "S"+n "A"+C "L"+A     Sal DiVita (Bally)
     FACIME      "X"+A "Y"+B "Z"+B     Alex Facime (Acclaim)
     FRESH       "W"+n "I"+B "L"+C     Will "Fresh Prince" Smith
     GANOFSKY    "R"+A "B"+A "G"+A     Robert B. Ganofsky (High Voltage)
     GELBER      "F"+B "I"+A "L"+B     Phil Gelber (Atari)
     GORILLA     "G"+B "O"+B "R"+n     Gorilla (Suns mascot)
     GUNTER      "G"+C "U"+C "N"+A     Gunter
     HAROLD      "H"+A "A"+n "M"+A     Harold (High Voltage)
     HEAVY D     "H"+B "V"+n "Y"+A     Heavy D
     HI VOLTAGE  "K"+B "J"+B "G"+n     Kerry (High Voltage)
     HUGO        "H"+A "G"+C "O"+n     Hugo (Hornets mascot)
     JAZZY JEFF  "J"+A "A"+A "Z"+C     D.J. Jazzy Jeff
     KABUKI      "D"+A "A"+B "N"+n     Eric "Kabuki" Kuby (Acclaim)
     MCA         "M"+n "C"+B "A"+B     MCA (Beastie Boys)
     MIKE D      "M"+C "K"+n "D"+C     Mike D. (Beastie Boys)
     MORTY       "K"+C " "+C "M"+C     Morty (High Voltage)
     PACEY       "P"+n "A"+n "Y"+C     Larry Pacey (Atari)
     RIVETT      "R"+C "J"+A "R"+n     Jamie Rivett (Bally)
     ROSEN       "S"+n "R"+n " "+A     Shawn Rosen
     ROSENFIELD  "S"+n "E"+A "T"+B     Seth Rosenfield
     THEINVANICH "T"+C "H"+A "E"+B     Theinvanich
     THOMAS      "S"+A "O"+n "X"+B     Frank Thomas
     THOMASON    "F"+A "A"+n "R"+n     Faran Thomason (Atari)
     TRAMIEL     "L"+n "A"+C "T"+B     Leonard Tramiel (Atari)
     TURMELL     "M"+A "J"+n "T"+A     Mark Turmell (Bally)
     WANAT       "W"+B "A"+n "N"+B     Wanat
     WEASEL      "R"+n "A"+A "Y"+B     Dan "Weasel" Feinstein (Acclaim)

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