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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

First of all, collect all the notes you can get and find the gold nugget. Now go to the guarded building and give the nugget to the guard. Enter and find the man that tells you about the staff. Return to the telephone booth and travel to 15OO BC. Use the scare stone. Find all the notes you can get (remember to count by sixteens!). Enter the valley and find the paper note about the fake staff. Travel back in time and put the note at the pillar. Go to the South-East of Egypt and find the royal ankh (You must wade through shallow water). Travel to 15OO again and find the boat at the South-West part of Egypt. Use the royal ankh. Find your way thru the water (it's like an invisible maze). First go to the place where you found the ankh in 17OO BC. Enter the temple and find the secret passage which leads to the harp. Return to your boat and go to the pyramid. Go into the pyramid and open the door by walking over the red spots on the ground. Then, when past the wall/door, walk over the four other red spots and take the staff. Find the two keys and open the corresponding doors. To get rid of the two creatures guarding the room, just lure them out of there and then run away. When you return to the room they will be gone. To take the staff, use the harp. Return the staff to the man to get the flute. Use this flute in 17OO BC at the North-East to scare the animals over there. Then find all the notes that are hidden under the trees to find a phonebook-page. Travel to Rome.

First, enter the dungeon. Find all the notes and the two keys: Blue and black. Remember to visit Caesar at the north of the arena when you have enough notes. Outside the arena you must once again find notes. When you think you have all of them, go to the statue. Push the four pieces around the statue in place and the push the statue. Now do this again and then go stand in the middle yourself. After you get launched, find all the notes around the house, but don't enter it. When you got all the notes, walk into a roman to get kicked out of the garden. You are now outside. Go West, to where a roman is guarding the entrance of the city. Now go down and find your way through the forest. Somewhere in the forest there is the next page of the phonebook. You must collect all the notes in the forest and you must also find the little building. Enter it and find the way through the maze until you find an apple. Leave the building and go to the guard. Give him the apple and enter the city. If everything is right you now have 8O notes. Travel to Europe.

In Europe, enter the mansion. To avoid the furniture, stay on the green dots on the floor. This may take some practise! Find the white key and then find your way to the backyard. Use the black key to open the gate. Go to the North-West of the screen to find a red key. Use it to enter the small house nearby. Avoid dracula and take the magic wand next to his coffin. Return to the mansion and find the organ. Use the wand to shrink it down so you can carry it. Return to the phonebooth (The wand causes the furniture to stop). Travel back to Rome. Do the trick with the statue and this time enter the house while using the organ pipes. You can now safely walk thru the house to the backyard to take the lyre. Return the lyre to Ceasar and you will get another lyre. Enter the dungeon and use the lyre to scare away the lion that guards the white lock. Use the white key to open the lock and take the page of the phonebook.

Travel to Rome 7O BC and enter the dungeon. Use the black key and put it back where you found it (Bottom-right). Now travel to Texas. Collect all the notes you can get. Somewhere, hidden under a skull, there's a golden coin. Go to the station and buy a ticket. Walk to the train and use the ticket. Now use the train to find the remaining notes. You must also find the golden nugget, hidden under yet another skull. Travel back to Egypt and replace the golden nugget at the place where you first found it. Now travel to San Dimas 2691 AD! Yeah, most radical, dude!

Be careful on the step-stones as you can only jump from one to another if they are in the middle-position. Again find as many notes as you can and find the dynamite. Return to Texas. Use the dynamite to release Billy the Kid. Return to San Dimas. Go to the place where you usually get overwhelmed by enemies and use the harmonica. You can now safely enter the next part of San Dimas. Every time you pick up a note in this part, a block will disappear somewhere else, thus letting you reach other notes after which you will be rewarded with a golden key. Return to Europe.

Collect 16 notes. Use the golden key to enter the previously unaccessable house at the swamp. Here you will find a mandolin. You can use this to enter the previously locked part of San Dimas. The Grim Reaper welcomes you, and you're now ready to play his game. As the exact route isn't easy to explain in a solution like this, I'll just tell you what to do. The objective of this part is to collect yet another 16 notes. Sometimes it is necessary to shove blocks over the lava in such a way that you can go to other parts of the playing field. The princesses have got the last note. If you succeed in rescuing them you should have 144 notes by that time. To get back to the entrance of the playing field, go east from the place where your rescued the babes. The go south and walk clockwise (ie: south, west, north). When you are standing against the north wall, walk west to the corner and go counter-clockwise. Once in the northeast corner you must go west, south, west and north to the exit. You'll have to find the correct tiles to jump on all the way yourself. Now you must return to the phone booth. The Grim Reaper is guarding it, but when you play your guitar he suddenly realizes that he has LOST! Enter the booth and travel through time to finish the game!

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