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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

Chip's Challenge

Fractal Generator Program
                        CHIP'S CHALLENGE

Chip's Challenge has a secret. In it's many codes for levels of 
play, there is a code which will allow you to enter into the 
infinite world of fractals. A fractal is a geometrical or physical 
structure that has an irregular or fragmented shape at all scales 
of measurement between a greatest and a smallest scale such that 
certain mathematical or physical properties of the structure are 
greater than the spatial dimensions. If you can understand the 
definition, that's what a fractal is.

Fractals were discovered by a man named Benoit Mandlebrot and he 
even named one of the images you'll see in this program after 
himself. There are lots of different images to be seen in this 
program, so don't just stay in one area. Now, on with the fun of 

The code for entering the program is MAND. After it is entered. a 
picture will start to form on the screen. DON'T TOUCH ANY BUTTONS 
UNTIL THE PICTURE IS DONE. When it's done, then you can move 
around and zoom in to see more details. NOTE: Since each picture 
has extremely fine detail, it will usually take a few minutes for 
an image to form. Especially if there is black in ore around the 


(B) Button: When this button is pushed, it will create a box 
            outline on the screen which you can move around. When 
            the button is pushed again, the image on the screen 
            will zoom away from you.

(A) Button: When this button is pressed, it will also create a box 
            outline. When pressed again, this will cause the image 
            to zoom towards you.

NOTE: After the image has either been zoomed away or towards you, 
take the outline off the screen and let the Lynx adjust the 
picture to more detail.

OPTION 1 Button: This will create and vanish he box outline.       
                 NOTE: Always take the outline off the screen 
                 after you are done with it.

OPTION 2 Button: This will create the box outline and starts the 
                 color cycling on the screen. One push on the 
                 button causes the cycling to go forward. Another 
                 push causes it to go backwards and a third will 
                 stop the cycling altogether. NOTE: To change the 
                 color of the cycling, go to the index.

PAUSE Button: This button will cause the MANDLEBROT / JULIA SET 
              EXPLORER INDEX to appear on the screen. In the 
              index, you can change the depth, color and cycle 
              rate of the fractal's and also create your own 
              pictures. The index should look like this:

                       MANDLEBROT EXPLORER

                       X:    FE.0000000000
                       Y:    FE.0000000000
                       STEP: 00.0800000000
                       DEPTH:         0100
                       PALETTE:         00
                       CYCLE RATE:      04
                       XJUL: 00.0000000000
                       YJUL: 00.0000000000

You can change anything you want on the index and it will not hurt 
the Chip's Challenge game. But, before you change any of the X, Y, 
XJUL and YJUL settings, look at all the different images that can 
be found in the pictures on the screen. You can change the palette 
and cycle rate without messing up the programmed images. NOTE: 
There are two different programs to play with in this game. To 
see the other images other than Mandlebrot's, go to the index and 
push OPTION 2. It will change the title from MANDLEBROT EXPLORER 

PAUSE + Option 1: This resets to the original viewing coordinates of 
                  the set.

PAUSE + Option 2: This copies the X,Y coordinate to the Julia set index,
                  enables Julia set mode and switches to the original 
                  viewing coordinates.

That's all there is to this program. Hope this help's you have 
lots of fun exploring the infinite images of the fractal 

NOTE: These instructions have been created by KALE SWINDELL 1990, 
and updated by Harry Dodgson 1994.

The Lynx Mandelbrot code does 48-bit fixed-point math using 8 bits of
integer and 40 bits of fraction, via the hardware multiplier (16x16) and a
lot of help from the 65C02.  The comment line on it (the source) says it
was written by Steve Landrum of Blue Lightning fame.

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