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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

Scrapyard Dog

Warp to Forest
To perform the warp, you must be on JUNKYARD Level 2.  Move right through
the level to the stack of tires.  Jump onto tires and press down.  The can room
will appear.  The following table show where the arrow starts and where the
prize ends up:

     Start   Finish
       1       5
       2       1
       3       4
       4       2
       5       3

You are now small in size.  This allows you to knock on the WARP door and warp.
As you move to the right, press up in front of the tree to get an extra life.
Keep  moving to the right and avoid being hit by bullets, dogs, mice, and bird
dropings.  Jump up where the hub caps are hanging on a line to get
invincibility.   Also pressing down while on top of the third brown can (the
one to the left of the mouse caught between cans) will give you a shield.  When
you get to the toilet just before the office, jump up on the toilet.  Face left
and hold down.  A red warp door will appear to the right of the office.  Move
over to the door and hold up to open door and warp.

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