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Batter Up!
The bat will be stuck in any castle if he's flying in a straight-up, diagonally up or straight-across direction. Also, he can NEVER deviate from whatever route he's on, inside or outside a castle, without locating an object to head for. This obviously means that you don't want any objects lying around inside the castle to which you've chosen to sentence him (I suggest the smallest -- the Gold Castle); but it also means that after you've grabbed him, you don't want to bring him through any rooms with objects in them as you carry him to the castle. Just because he doesn't break free of your grip doesn't mean his forthcoming "target direction" hasn't changed. If he's spotted something he wants, he'll fly off on a different trajectory than when you grabbed him. You can plan to make sure that all of the items you drag him past are to his north, but it's easier just to move everything to a remote place before positioning yourself to snatch him.

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