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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

Todd's Adventures in Slime World

Hidden Passageways
When you reach the first exit of what appears to be the end of the Adventure 6: Arcade, shoot your gun into the upper right hand corner of the wall. A part of the wall will disappear revealing the secret passage way. If you can't continue on, then try shooting at the wall some more.

When ever you find an exit in this level don't be fooled, it isn't the end of the game. There is always (except for the last exit #6) another hidden passage to the right of it! When you are in this secret area of the game you find a message (only readable from the map screen) alluding to the zip popping contest.


At the title screen with the Slime World logo that falls with a crash, do the following:

  1. Press and hold Option 2
  2. Press and hold Option 1 while holding Option 2 down
  3. Move the joypad to the upper right, while holding down both Options

After that, release your fingers, and if desired, turn the music back on. There is no indicator of your success, until you start playing. Things behave very strangely in multiplayer mode tho, so be warned!

Level Codes
The codes found in this text file were compiled by Mr. Kale Swindell
of La Canada, CA. He indicates that these codes will place your character
(TODD) at one of the restart stations located in the game. The further
along the code is in the list, the further into the level your character
will be restarted.

Adventure 1: EASY
24CAA1  E8CA6C  EC8AA9  118AEA  6FCBE9  919073  E70926  A809E3  6B4B6C
66CBE0  25CBA7  114928  12C9AA  550894  D7C956  19CB93  198AD2  9D0AD9
45C9C5  5DC9DD  070946  CA090D  CCC94F  30C988  4F8B09  0B8BCD  098BC3
078BC1  C28A87  870AC3  8A0ACE  8F0BC8

Adventure 2: EXPLORATION
269AF3  ED9ABE  ECDA78  ED9BBF  E4DB71  259BF7  EA193D  EF58F9  D199B9
E79EB4  EDDE7D  EE9EBF  D29EBB  E79FB5  2F9CF2  6CDCE3  AC5CB2  139CFE
159DF9  D01A24  559925  5A9E23  43DFE9  1E1969  1DDCA0  1899E0  1CD8AF
0399EB  865591  465F57  4EDFDD  75DFD8  245947  085F11  4C5C52  070997
4FDFDD  089ADD  70DCDF  75DCD8  F1181B  B51FDA  711B9B  8EDA1A  F1DA45
745947  749807  F659C1  B85D87  BD1DC0  B79B40  3DDC80  B79B40  7E5D4D
205F09  7F9E0C  60DEC9  20D988  205F09

Adventure 3: ACTION
9157B6  AB9277  2F1176  919073  198AD2  5DC9DD  15563D  569039  98D638
1796FC  111671  5417B2  1DD7BB  1993FB  D052FC  1492F9  D91225  5CD1E4
5CD6E5  011766  DC93A6  1E1262  43536C  42506C  47972D  0D97EB  77D1DF
B816D8  7A575B  B610D8  72139C  0C1654  8916E9  4D9115  F150D3  CA9095
0892D5  8F9350  B69358  391245  FF9086  BC12C0  BD11C4  3C5604  215601
211746  67970D  EAD74B  6B910B  62920F  A610C8

Adventure 4: SUSPENSE
DD0114  DDC154  9D8154  5DC0D4  5C8114  5C4157  1C4117  DC0117  DCC157
DF8197  9C01D7  9C4197  5D8014  9CC117  5C0097  5CC0D7  DCC0D7  C641D9
C941D8  494158  C9C659  464159  474059  46C0D9  464058  884284  0B82C4
0DC286  8C4280  8E4282  B0824C  34004E  C7071C  1A472B  1A076B  1DC7AB
5DC7EB  5D872B  5D476A  5C07AA  9702EB  10C3A2  110362  114322  918362
2E81E6  9146A1  9106E1  EEC666  114621  110661  11C6A6  2E0666  2E4626
2E86E7  2EC6A7  2B413A  2B81FB  2BC1BB  28413B  2881F8  28C1B8  294138
2981F9  29C1B9  24413F  2387F1  200771  E00731  A007F1  6006B1  210671
E10631  A106F1  6101B1  3E0272  FEC171  BEC131  7EC0F1  3EC0B1  FFC071
BF00F1  7F03B1  3C0371  FC0331  BC03F1  7C02B1  3D0271  7C4371  3A0276
FA42F6  BA42B6  FAC276  BA8176  BD42B1  BD02F1  BDC231  A48278

Adventure 5: LOGIC
D9E275  9C26F4  9B62B7  02A2FF  9F63B0  C02032  C4E17F  C2A1B2  032770
DF67F4  022470  05E7B3  47667F  4621BE  8522F9  06E3B8  8921F8  C966F9
8C65BB  CDE665  71E1E1  4C21A4  0EE3A0  CAA3A5  8D62A1  8F22E3  7527A3
336720  CEE565  F52520  39652C  3CA4EB  B7E42D  B2A662  BA64A8  F162ED
77E3E9  796168  BBA66B  3BE0AA  FF61D6  60A417  236516  E02711  A12601
652692  E8E55F  A6E61E  6A2798  AD25D8  27A1DF  A7A358  7CE2D1

Adventure 6: ARCADE
012D7C  016E39  016938  00EAA5  002A64

Playing Tips
You can jump out of sticky slime by jumping and pressing shoot at the same time. (I believe Wade discovered this, and it made starting out in combat a lot different)

You can climb up slippery walls by timing jumps perfectly so that you jump at the instant you touch the wall. Pressing the button as fast as you can works to a lesser extent.(I don't remember but I'll give this one to Wade as well)

If you make two megabombs explode in different rooms at the same time you can create a constantly lit mega-bomb room which will stay lit until some poor fool walks into it. (You can also do this using a jet pack but it becomes somewhat more difficult. I think the easiest place to do this is probably in J-room in level five combat. I think we all discovered this one together.)

Somewhere near the end of level 5 logic, there is a wall that you can walk into, and all the lights from the room around you will go out. It's not that great of a trick but I remember having fun with it.

It's possible to jump into almost any vertical wall and hide by moving as close to the wall as possible without grabbing on to it, and then jumping towards the wall pressing jump and shoot at the same time. It takes a lot of practice but the rewards are great. It is deliciously fun to hide in a wall where no one can see you, and then open fire on the first poor soul to walk in front of you. The place where it comes in handy is at the bottom left of the combat maze (right next to J-room) Sometimes you get stuck in that room when someone before you took both jet packs. Usually you would have to pop, but if you jump through the wall on the right, you can set up for a good position for a sneak attack. BE VERY CAREFUL though, if you don't jump and press towards the wall at the exact same time, it is possible to become forever imbedded in the wall. In combat with five lives left this can really suck. Just remember jump, shoot, and towards the wall all at the same time. (I think Ryan discovered this)

After you get the above technique down, try going to the lower right corner of combat (that big curved dead end next to the big room) if you jump into the wall on the right, you can jump right through and end up in level 5 logic. We suspected that all the mazes might somehow be connected but never took the time to find out.

-Randall on behalf of the gang

Ryan Marc Terrence
Wade Jon Carl

Zit Popping Contest
A 'Zit Popping' game can be played by going to the summary screens and then going to the screen where Todd is pictured green. Press Option 1 and you'll see a zit. Blow it up by hitting the buttons as fast as you can. This also works in multi-player mode where it becomes a competition against your opponent.

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