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2007 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Stella's Stocking - Atari 2600
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System: Atari 2600
Company: Self-Published
Model #: n/a
Year of Release: 2007
Media Type: Cartridge
Number of Players: 1 - 2
   Atari Joystick
Driving Controller
   John Payson (Programmer)
Darrell Spice Jr. (Programmer)
Fred Quimby (Programmer)
David Weavil (Programmer)
Robert Mundschau (Programmer)
Chris Read (Programmer)
Nathan Strum (Graphics)
David Vazquez (Graphics)
 North America
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2007 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Stella's Stocking - Screenshot

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For the fifth year in a row, AtariAge produced a new holiday cartridge as part of its annual holiday sale. The 2007 cartridge, Stella's Stocking, was a collaboration between several homebrew authors and artists, including John Payson, Darrell Spice Jr., Fred Quimby, David Weavil, Robert Mundschau, Chris Read, Nathan Strum, David Vazquez, Dave Exton, and others. Stella's Stocking features in-game artwork by Nathan Strum and David Vazquez (both of whom have contributed to various homebrew projects), and included a beautifully illustrated label and eight-page manual by Dave Exton, whose brush graces many 2600 homebrew games. Additionally, each cartridge was individually numbered. The only way to acquire one of these cartridges was through the promotion during our 2007 holiday sale.

From the moment you fire up Stella's Stocking you'll realize you have something special! To cram five different games into this cartridge, along with a menu that features quite possibly the best music ever heard in a 2600 game, we created a new 64K board! Each game included in Stella's Stocking is briefly described below:

  • Stay Frosty -- You were just chilling out at the North Pole, when a short-circuiting string of Christmas lights on Santa's barn set the reindeer dust on fire. Now magic fireballs are threatening to melt everything. It's up to you to put them out so you can keep your cool, however that's not an easy task for someone made of frozen water!

  • Elf Dash -- Holly the elf sighed. Santa is on his flight, the warehouse is locked up, and the big year-end party starts in 10 minutes. What a year! The elf magic to make toys load themselves in the sleigh went haywire sending toys flying around knocking elves down. The elevators went nuts too, and won't stop running. Holly grimaced as a loud crash came from warehouse. "I'll deal with that tomorrow.", she promised herself. Ben elf burst in shouting, "Ms. Claus is on a rampage!". "Oh no!" whimpered Holly, "What now?". Ms Claus has an inferiority complex. She hates being relegated to baking cookies and smiling in a grandmotherly way. "She says the party decorations aren't good enough. Here is what she wants.", piped Ben. Holly eyed the list, "Oh great! This stuff is all over the warehouse, and I just finished locking up.". Help Holly collect the items demanded by Ms. Claus in time, or be demoted to cleaning out the stables.

  • Cold War -- It's war and you're on the front lines! Take control of two snowmen, pack some fresh snow into a frozen ball of destruction, take aim, and...throw! Watch for return fire, as you don't want to be the next snowman to fall in this battle! Blast through fortifications to reach the snowmen across the battlefield! Survive this battle and you won't be turned into a snow cone!

  • Grandma's Revenge -- You've probably heard about the incident where Grandma had a run-in with a reindeer many a Christmas ago. Well, it's not a legend, and now that Gramdma's out of the hospital she wants her revenge! No sooner than she was able to rise out of her wheelchair, she made her way to the parking lot, stole the fastest vehicle she laid her eyes on, and as she sped off was heard muttering, "I'll have my revenge you red-nosed varmit!"

  • Tossing Cookies -- 'Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa's reindeer have flown off without him! What's worse is it's a dark and stormy night, so there's lightning-filled clouds to contend with! Help Santa get back his reindeer! You must pilot your sleigh through the dangerous skies, dodging lightning while collecting the magical cookies that help the reindeer fly! Then you must use the cookies to lure the reindeer back to the North Pole! Can you collect all the reindeer in time for Santa's globe-trotting journey?

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