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SCSIcide - Atari 2600
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System: Atari 2600
Company: Self-Published
Model #: n/a
Year of Release: 2001
Media Type: Cartridge
Number of Players: 1
Controller: Atari Paddles
   Joe Grand (Programmer)
 North America
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SCSIcide - Screenshot

DescriptionSubmit Description
SCSIcide was written by Joe Grand, who created a website where people could follow the progress of the game's development. Joe even released binaries and complete source code of each major update of the game during its development so people could witness firsthand how the game was evolving. This created quite a demand for the game at Classic Gaming Expo 2001, where the 50 copies of SCSIcide that Joe produced at $20 each for the show quickly sold out. SCSIcide was packaged in an antistatic bag to go along with the game's hard-drive theme and included a manual and custom label.

Now that the final SCSIcide binaries have been released, you can download all three final versions from the SCSIcide website, along with all the earlier development versions. The three final versions available are:

1.30 - CGE2K1 Special Release
1.31 - Post-CGE, Self-Produced Release
1.32 - General Production Release

Joe Grand has created a new version of SCSIcide, titled Ultra SCSIcide. This new version includes a wide number of improvements over the original, and is also available for purchase in the AtariAge Store, complete with a new label and manual to make this new version even more unique.

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AtariAge Store (by Ron Lloyd)80%
AtariAge Store (by Jason Haimerl)100%
Average Score: 90%

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