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Atari 2600 - CBS Electronics - Standard Label Variation

CBS Electronics - Standard Label Variation
CBS Games for the Atari 5200 are rather unique in their appearance for two reasons. First, their cartridges are made from a light-brown plastic instead of your typical black and second they have a tapered grip at the end to allow easier removal. The labels for CBS games are black with the name of the game printed, not once, but twice in yellow (don't ask us why!). Copyright information is displayed below the name, printed in white. The end of the cartridge contains the CBS Electronics logo (bright orange with white text) instead of the game's name, making it impossible to tell stacked CBS carts apart without looking at the main label. Of CBS' five titles for the 5200, four came with overlays but for some reason there's no place to store them with the cart (which probably makes these overlays harder to find!)
Title Model #Label NotesYearCartRarity TV 
Blueprint4L 2714 1983
Gorf4L 2711 1983
K-Razy Shoot-Out4L 2712 1983
Mountain King4L 2716 1983
Wizard of Wor4L 2713 1983