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Atari 5200 - Atari - Silver 2 Label Variation

Atari - Silver 2 Label Variation
For the Atari 5200, Atari must have decided that everything needed to be larger, and naturally this must have extended to the cartridges as well. These cartridges also have lots of grooves along the edges, which dirt finds its way into quite easily. The front of the cartridge has a large label, which ironically is the exact same label size as that used on the 2600, just rotated 90 degrees. The back of the cartridge contains a space to store overlays. Atari produced two label styles for the 5200, which we call "Silver 1" and "Silver 2" to denote the order in which they arrived. The Atari logo is embossed on the cartridge underneath the label.

The "Silver 2" label style also features a silver (or less-reflective gray) background but differs from the original style on several points. First, the "Atari 5200" text is much smaller and displayed right-justified along the top of the image. To the left of the Atari 5200 logo is the text "VIDEO GAME CARTRIDGE" and "ATARI 5200 SUPERSYSTEM" on two lines, left justified with the image. The image itself is larger than on "Silver 1" carts and has the name of the game embedded in the graphic, in stylized form. Some games, such as Rescue on Fractalus and Ballblazer, don't have the name of the game anywhere on the cartridge! To the left of the image is copyright information, rotated 90 degrees.

Title Model #Label NotesYearCartRarity TV 
BallblazerCX5255Name not on label1986
BerzerkCX5221 1983
Choplifter!CX5253 1984
Dig DugCX5211 1983
GremlinsCX5257 1986
JoustCX5240 1983
Jungle HuntCX5222 1983
KangarooCX5229 1983
Mario Bros.CX5247 1983
Moon PatrolCX5241 1983
Ms. Pac-ManCX5243 1983
PengoCX5236 1983
Pole PositionCX5217 1983
Rescue on FractalusCX5254Name not on label1986
Robotron: 2084CX5225 1983
Space DungeonCX5232 1983
VanguardCX5216 1983
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