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Super Skweek - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   


Skweek is on a mission. He must conquer five islands inhabited by evil monsters. 
Each island has 50 levels. Skweek has to paint most levels pink. This is no easy 
task! The monsters will stop at nothing to thwart Skweek�s plans. They�ve even 
kidnapped some Skweezettes and imprisoned them on some of the islands. Skweek 
must destroy soldiers, free the prisoners, and paint like crazy before the 
monsters destroy him.
Getting Started
1. Insert the Super Skweek game card. If two people will play, use the Comlynx 
cable and insert a card in each Lynx. Turn on your Lynxes.
2. Press A or B to clear the Title screen. The Game Selection screen appears. 
Use the joypad to scroll through the selections:
Normal, Random, and Combat. If you are restarting a previous game, select 
Password and enter the password provided during the game. When you have made 
your selection, press A or B. In a two-player Normal or Random game, Skweek and 
his pal Skruch will work together. In a two-player Combat game, Skweek and 
Skruch will attempt to destroy each other. In a one-player Random or Normal 
game, Skweek will work alone. There is no one-player Combat game.
3. Press A or B again, If you chose a Random game, the game will begin on a 
random level. If you chose a Normal game, the Island Selection screen appears. 
Use the joypad to move Skweek�s spaceship over the island you want to conquer, 
then press Option 1. The name of the island and the level numbers appear.
Before pressing Option 1, you can also use A or B to zoom in or out. If your 
timing is right, Option 1 may give you some bonuses.
4. Press A or B. The level number and title appear.
5. Press A or B. The King Skweek appears. The King Skweek gives Skweek his 
orders for that level. The instruction sequence lasts a few seconds. Hold down 
the A button to speed up this sequence. After reading the King�s instructions, 
press A or B to begin the game
When the game begins, Skweek appears on the screen.
The top left corner shows the number of tiles left to paint. The top right 
corner shows the time remaining.
Use the joypad to move your yellow Skweek around the level. In a two-player 
game, your opponent�s character is always green. Skweek paints each tile as he 
moves over it. Most levels are completed when all tiles are painted. However, 
some levels require Skweek to complete a specific mission. For example, if 
Skweek is told to rescue the Skweezettes, he must rescue all Skweezettes to 
complete the level.
Skweek can use a variety of weapons. If he�s lucky, he will find powerful 
weapons lying around on the ground. He can also collect Zarg coins when he 
destroys monsters to purchase weapons in the shop. To enter a shop, place Skweek 
on an In tile, then press A or B.
Move the joypad up or down to view different shelves, then right or left to 
select a weapon from the shelf. To purchase a weapon, press A or B. Only one 
weapon from each shelf can be active at a time.
The clock continues to run while you shop. Do not take too much time. You still 
have to complete the level.
To exit the shop, press the joypad up or down until the Code/Exit screen 
appears. If you select Code, the game gives you a password you can use to start 
a game on the current level. The password is long. Write it down so you will 
have it next time you play. Select Ex to leave the store and return to the game.
If Skweek has a powerful weapon, do not accidentally pick up a less powerful 
weapon. If you do, you will lose the first weapon.
Not all tiles can be painted. Each level contains special tiles. Some of the 
most common special tiles are listed below. The list is not complete. You must 
discover how some tiles work for yourself.
Plain Tiles These must be painted.
Up or Lift Tiles Take Skweek to an elevated area.
Push (arrow) Tiles Push Skweek in the direction of the arrow.
Skweek must work hard to go a different way!
Mine Tiles Explode when stepped on, often destroying adjacent tiles, too.
In Tiles Lead to shops where Skweek can purchase weapons.
Surround Tiles All adjacent tiles must be painted before
Skweek can paint this one.
Black Tiles Holes. Skweek will lose a life if he falls in a hole.
Destructible Walls These yellow or green tiles are walls which can be destroyed 
by lasers or certain monsters.
Cracked Tiles Collapse when Skweek walks on them.
The islands are guarded by dangerous monsters. Each type of monster moves and 
behaves differently. Pay close attention to each monster type and learn how it 
moves. Some levels require that you forget about painting tiles and concentrate 
on destroying monsters.
Painting and monster killing is hard work. This makes Skweek hungry. If you see 
food, pick if up and eat it. This increases your score.
Press Option 1 during the game to see your status. The status screen shows your 
score, the number of Zarg coins picked up, and the number of lives remaining. 
Don�t spend too much time reading your status information. The game continues 
while you look at your status.
Press Option 2 to see the Suicide and Joypad Controls options. Select Suicide to 
start a level at the beginning. (You cannot select Suicide if you only have one 
life left)! Select Joypad Controls to customize the way your joypad works. The 
diagonal positions on the joypad can either move Skweek horizontally or 
vertically. Use the joypad to select your preference. Select Continue to resume 
Learn how each monster moves.
Memorize each level.
Shoes provide traction for slippery surfaces.
Follow the King�s instructions.
Learn to recognize the different weapon icons so you don�t pick up the wrong 
Shooting balloons and collecting all the letters gives you 3 more lives.