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Ninja Gaiden - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   


Your training is nearly complete, NINJA. To earn the title of NINJA 
GAIDEN you must compete a daring quest.

Many have gone before you, some more experienced, some less.

The powers of darkness have turned the sacred silent city into the 
evil, noxious lair. They profane the holy walls with graffiti 
and billboards. They fill the streets with smoke and filth.

We have sent many experienced NINJAs to free the city none have returned. 
We have heard that some have been destroyed. Others have been too
weak to overcome the lure of evil and gone over to the other side.

But you are different, NINJA you are brave in heart and spirit maybe 
you will free our holy city and our sacred land of this evil. 
If you succeed, you will be called a true hero, a NINJA GAIDEN. 
If you fail, you will be called a memory.

Under cover of storm, the young NINJA approaches the silent city.


To begin the game, insert the NINJA GAIDEN game card and press the 
on button. Press A or B to advance through the title screens. 
Press B to fight the powers of darkness. Change direction by pressing 
the joypad right or left. During the battle, the young NINJA discovers 
that he must often use his agile strength to jump. Press a to jump
straight up. Press option 1 while the young NINJA is in the air to
grab a pipe or bar. While the NINJA hangs from a bar or other object,
press the joypad to swing and the B button to kick an enemy.

As an enemy approaches, the NINJA runs towards him and jumps. As 
he flips over the enemy's head, the NINJA grabs the evil one's 
shoulders and throws him. The pause button stops the game until 
you press pause again. Option 1 and pause together restarts the 
game option 2 and pause flips the screen.

The NINJA begins his quest. He runs through the city, fighting the 
powers of darkness. His rappid-fire kicks and punches and well timed
flips and jumps make the NINJA a tough foe for the swarming enemies.


The NINJA must defeat eight enemy classes to succeed: masked NINJA,
lumberjack NINJA, clawed warrior, dark lord, black NINJA, sumo,
wrestler, white NINJA.

After clearing the city of evil guardians, The NINJA still has one 
enemy to face: the mighty dark lord. The dark lord is very large 
and he's armed with razor-sharp sabres. He is highly trained in 
all the violent arts-in fact, he invented most of them himself.

Time is short for our NINJA hero. He starts with only 99 seconds 
to complete each of the levels. If he does not complete a level 
within the alloted time, he will lose a life.

The young NINJA sends a masked NINJA enemy flying. The masked NINJA 
crashes into a telephone booth and smashes it to pieces, revealing 
a valuable treasure within.


There are six different treasures and power ups: 

Blue pill increases K.O.s remaining by one. 
Red pill increases K.O.s remaining to five. 
Ruby 300 points. 
Clock adds 20 seconds to timer. 
Sword fight with a sword instead of your fists. 
Mans add one life. 

Is takes more than a simple K.O. to beat our hero! As long as he has at
least one K.O. left on the K.O. indicator, he gets up relatively unscathed.

Each time the NINJA is knocked out, the indicator is reduced by one. 
When the K.O. indicator reaches zero, the NINJA loses a life. 
If the NINJA loses enough lives, the game ends.

You can continue the game from where the NINJA hero lost his last 
life. When the continue screen apears, press A or B before time 
runs out. The NINJA lives again, but the point total returns to zero.

The NINJA must cleanse four areas of the silent city: a) city streets 
b) casino motto c) train station d) palace

Battling the DARK LORD


When you complete the fourth level, the game ends. if the NINJA completed 
all four levels without losing his last life, he earns the title 


Points are rewarded as shown below. 

Action				Points

Destroying a Masked NINJA          100
Destroying a Black NINJA           200
Picking up a Ruby powerup          300
Destroying a White NINJA           400
Destroying a Lumber NINJA          500
Destroying a Clawed warrior      5,000
Destroying a Wrestler            5,000
Destroying a Sumo                7,000
Destroying a Lord               50,000

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