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Ninja Gaiden III: Ancient Ship of Doom - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

Ninja Gaiden III (The Ancient Ship of Doom)

Ryu, a leader of the Dragon Clan, took his family's Dragon Sword to America, 
seeking revenge against the demon Clan for their brutal murder of his father. 
Aided by Irene, a CIA agent, Ryu infiltrated Jaquio's secret hideout. But a 
mysterious accident took Irene's life, leaving only Ryu to uncover the truth 
about the Demon Clan. 

1. Insert your Lynx Ninja Gaiden III card into your Lynx. 2. Press ON. 3. After 
the title sequence begins, press the A or B button and the game will begin. 
Game Controls
      A               Attack with the Dragon Sword
      B               Jump
      Joypad Controls Ryu's directions
      PAUSE           Pause game action
      OPTION1+RESTART Restart the game
      OPTION2+RESTART Flip the display
      OPTION2         Toggles music

The first figure in the line at the top of the screen is your score. The second 
figure is expressed in a ratio, with a slash (/), indicating your current Ninja 
power to the left of the slash, and the maximum Ninja power possible to the 
right of the slash. In brackets is your current special weapon, followed by the 
strength meter for Ryu, which shows the amount of any damage. If Ryu's strength 
reaches 0, you lose one life. At the bottom of the screen is a timer; if the 
timer goes to zero, you lose one life. Next is the current stage and the number 
of lives left. At the end of the bottom line is a strength meter for your enemy; 
if your enemy's strength line reaches 0, you have defeated him. 
You will be given five chances to continue after you have lost all your lives. 
Push the A or B button when you reach the CONTINUE screen. 
Climbing a wall 
You may jump onto a wall and hang on. You can climb or descend the wall by using 
the joypad. While on a wall, press the joypad in the opposite direction Ryu is 
facing and press the B button at the same time to jump down from the wall. 
Attacking from a wall 
While you are hanging on a wall you can attack only with special weapons. Press 
the joypad in the left or right direction and press the A button at the same 
time, and Ryu will attack with weapons in the direction pressed. 
Climbing on top of a wall 
When you climb to highest point of a wall, hold the joypad button in the 
direction Ryu is facing and press the B button at the same time to jump to the 
Hanging down 
If there are pipes or jungle ivy, press the B button to jump and hang from them. 
While hanging down, press the B button and Ryu can climb up onto the pipe. Hold 
the joypad in the down direction and press the B button to jump down. 
If you let go of the joypad button in the middle of jumping down from the pipe, 
Ryu can hang from pipes. If you keep the joypad button down, Ryu will descend in 
a single bound. 
While you are hanging down you can attack only with special weapons. Press the A 
button to attack in the direction Ryu is facing. 

When you come along a Dragon Spirit Crystal ball, Ryu must slash it open to 
reveal the special weapon contained inside and pick it up (by passing over it) 
before the power of the crystal vanishes. 
Ninja Power (fig. 1) revives Ryu's Ninja power. Blue is worth 10 points, and red 
brings you back to full power. 
Recovery Medicine (fig. 2) will restore Ryu's fighting energy. Taking one adds 6 
units to the strength meter. 
The Scroll of the Spirit of the Dragon (fig. 3) will raise maximum Ninja power 
by 10. 
1 UP (fig. 4) gives the player an extra life. 
Dragon Spirit Sword (fig. 5) widens your sword's range of attack. 
Special Weapons 
Take a power increase, and you will be able to use Ninja arts. However, your 
Ninja power will be used up. When on the ground, you can use Ninja arts special 
weapons by pressing the joypad "up" and the A button. Below the number in 
parentheses is the amount of Ninja power that will be consumed each time you use 
the weapon. 
Windmill Throwing Star (10) (fig. 6) will fly straight and pierce the enemy, go 
to the edge of the screen and return. It will damage all enemies it strikes. 
Fire Dragon Balls (8) (fig. 7) changes the dragon sword into a ball, which you 
can throw downward at an angle. 
Fire Wheel (8) (fig. 8) projects a flame at an upward angle, burning the enemy. 
Vacuum Wave (10) (fig. 9) transforms the Spirit of the Dragon into a vacuum 
blade. Throw it up and down at the same time - it cuts all enemies who touch it. 

Invincible Fire Wheel (20) (fig. 10) inflicts fatal wounds. It lasts for four 
seconds. Taking other weapons will cause the Fire Wheel to disappear. 
Mantiss Warrior (Stage 1) is a bionid commander of fire. With sabers on both 
arms, he guards himself against attacks by Ryu's sword. The fire from his chest 
crawls along the ground and attacks. Not good at close combat. 
Night Diver (Stage 2) is the beast commander of the sky, able to fly freely. He 
is especialyy good at surprise attacks. His death blows are dealt out with 
tremendous momentum, attacking Ryu like a glowing bomb. 
Great Koganei (Stage 3) is the beast commander of water. A lizard bionid skilled 
in Ninja arts, he can split his body in two and use Windmill Throwing Stars to 
plague Ryu. 
Sandeater (Stage 4) is the beast commander of the earth, and is ranked as the 
leader of the four main unit beast commanders. He moves freely and attacks with 
Ryu's Fire Wheel. 

Warrior Ryu in the depth of the bionid fortress.