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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

Todd's Adventures in Slime World

Playing Tips
You can jump out of sticky slime by jumping and pressing shoot at the same time. (I believe Wade discovered this, and it made starting out in combat a lot different)

You can climb up slippery walls by timing jumps perfectly so that you jump at the instant you touch the wall. Pressing the button as fast as you can works to a lesser extent.(I don't remember but I'll give this one to Wade as well)

If you make two megabombs explode in different rooms at the same time you can create a constantly lit mega-bomb room which will stay lit until some poor fool walks into it. (You can also do this using a jet pack but it becomes somewhat more difficult. I think the easiest place to do this is probably in J-room in level five combat. I think we all discovered this one together.)

Somewhere near the end of level 5 logic, there is a wall that you can walk into, and all the lights from the room around you will go out. It's not that great of a trick but I remember having fun with it.

It's possible to jump into almost any vertical wall and hide by moving as close to the wall as possible without grabbing on to it, and then jumping towards the wall pressing jump and shoot at the same time. It takes a lot of practice but the rewards are great. It is deliciously fun to hide in a wall where no one can see you, and then open fire on the first poor soul to walk in front of you. The place where it comes in handy is at the bottom left of the combat maze (right next to J-room) Sometimes you get stuck in that room when someone before you took both jet packs. Usually you would have to pop, but if you jump through the wall on the right, you can set up for a good position for a sneak attack. BE VERY CAREFUL though, if you don't jump and press towards the wall at the exact same time, it is possible to become forever imbedded in the wall. In combat with five lives left this can really suck. Just remember jump, shoot, and towards the wall all at the same time. (I think Ryan discovered this)

After you get the above technique down, try going to the lower right corner of combat (that big curved dead end next to the big room) if you jump into the wall on the right, you can jump right through and end up in level 5 logic. We suspected that all the mazes might somehow be connected but never took the time to find out.

-Randall on behalf of the gang

Ryan Marc Terrence
Wade Jon Carl

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