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Air Cars - ICD - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   



In the wake of a nuclear holocaust an organization known as E.B.N.E.R.S. was 
established with the goal of encouraging all mankind to live together in peace. 
E.B.N.E.R.S. membership included many members of the nuclear scientific 
community who wished that their work no longer be used for destructive 
purposes. The E.B.N.E.R.S. suggested that society should be structured to 
eliminate all possibility of hostility. This strutured society was deemed 
unrealistic in a free world and ridiculed. E.B.N.E.R.S. became known as a 
fringe organization of radical scientists trying to restructure society.

The government had planted spies within the E.B.N.E.R.S. organization in order 
to keep an eye of their activities. These spies have revealed that the 
E.B.N.E.R.S. have developed three new inventions: impenetrable force fields, a 
teleportation system, and aircars. Force fields surround every E.B.N.E.R.S. 
complex making them impenetrable from an outside attack. These complexes are 
linked together with a teleportation system which allows instantaneous travel 
between their complexes. An aircar is a vehicle that is propelled by a small 
nuclear power plant and massive fans. The fans lift the aircar above the ground 
and propel it forward at high speeds. Aircars are armed with a variety of 
weapons and are highly maneuverable. Our spies have obtained detailed 
schematics of the teleportation device and an aircar. We have been able to 
duplicate the teleportation device, but ours has a problem: we can only send 
you to the E.B.N.E.R.S. complex. Therefore, this is a one way mission. We have 
also been able to construct our own version of an aircar.

Our spies have also uncovered the E.B.N.E.R.S. diabolical plan to take over the 
world. The E.B.N.E.R.S. are currently builing nuclear bombs. Once they have 
enough bombs the E.B.N.E.R.S. will teleport a bomb into every major capital and 
destroy it. They believe that after this is accomplished the world will submit 
to their rule. Therefore, we have decided to destroy the E.B.N.E.R.S. before 
they take over the world.

You will pilot an aircar which will be teleported into an E.B.N.E.R.S. complex. 
You will then proceed to destroy key installations within this complex. After 
these primary targets have been destroyed you will use the complex's 
teleportation system to get to the next base. We know there are at least 28 
bases around the World. Each of these bases must be knocked out if the world is 
to be saved from the E.B.N.E.R.S. threat.


Your objective is to save the World by destroying the E.B.N.E.R.S.'s ability to 
fight. This is accomplished by completing 32 missions against enemy complexes. 
Each mission has several types of primary targets that must be destroyed. Once 
all of the primary targets have been destroyed you can use the E.B.N.E.R.S.'s 
teleportation system in order to advance to the next mission.


Levels ending in the letter "G", have bosses. When the last primary target is 
destroyed on these levels, a bell will toll twelve times. This is when the 
bosses appear and they WANT to play with you. You must destroy these 
monstrosities for the exit to open. A Boss appears as a white flashing square 
on the radar screen.


Teleporters instantly move a player across a complex. The teleporters are 
paired in several colors: blue, green, yellow, and red. Upon entering one 
teleporter you will immerge from the other teleporter of the same color. When 
a teleporter is used it will take several seconds to recharge before it can be 
used again.


Once you have destroyed all of the primary targets in an enemy complex the exit 
will open. The exit looks just like a white teleporter, but is blocked with a 
center panel. When the last primary target is destroyed the panel disappears. 
This will allow you to enter the exit and receive your mission score.

In a multi-player game when any player exits, the mission ends and all players 
receive their score. An exclamation mark after a score indicates that a player 
is currently leading or tied for this category.


When your aircar is destroyed, you are ejected from your vehicle. From this 
vantage point you may be able to see what, or who, destroyed your vehicle. By 
pressing the A or B button, you will be teleported into a new aircar that was 
teleported close to you. You do not have a limited number of "lives". In 
Aircars there are two ways to end the game, finish it or shut it off.


Each world in Aircars is huge. As you travel across the world, your aircar 
stores the data revealed by your radar into its map memory banks. You may 
switch your radar display to the map display by pressing the "0" button on your 
controller. You may aquire the reveal map power-up to receive a satelite 
downlink of the entire mission world. Other players can be located if they are 
in a portion of your map that has already been revealed. The other players will 
appear as flashing dots.

Another feature that your aircar uses to assist you in navigation is a 
recommended direction arrow. This arrow is displayed on the H.U.D. and points 
to your closest primary target. If all of the primary targets have been 
destroyed, the arrow will point towards the exit or boss.


* You can use a teleporter to get away from enemies.

* When you kill an enemy, its weapon or ammo will be left for several seconds.

* Mines only do a little damage, but they will stop anything that takes damage 
  from them.

* When you are stealthy, your aircar does not show up on other player's radar 

* Smoke screens will cause the E.B.N.E.R.S. to delay shooting.

* As you enter a primary target area, go after the radar dishes first.

* Banked turning is faster than flat turning.

* Primary targets score four times their normal points.


1. Insert the AIRCARS cartridge into the cartridge slot of your Jaguar 64-bit 
   Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Insert the AIRCARS overlay in the Jaguar Controller's keypad slot.

3. Connect the communication hardware to all of the Jaguars, if you are going 
   to play a multi-player game.

4. Turn the Jaguar's power on.

If for any reason your cartridge does not load, or you only see a red screen, 
remove the cartridge and try again. If this condition repeats, refer to the 
warranty information included with your Aircars cartridge.


Aircars has the ability to use several different hardware devices to establish 
its network communication. For more than two players, Aircars must be used with 
the CatBox's(TM) CatNet(TM) protocol. For two players, Aircars is capable of 
using the CatBox or Atari's JagLink(TM) network cable. MidNite has tested and 
approved both of these communication devices for use with Aircars.


Set game difficulty:

As you select a higher difficulty level Aircars becomes increasingly more 
difficult. The points awarded for kills also increases with the difficulty 

Enter your name:

Use the joypad to enter up to an eight character name. Available characters are 
"_" (a blank space), 0-9, and A - Z. This name will be saved to the cartridge 
and appear on the high score screen and during gameplay.

Single player:

Take on the E.B.N.E.R.S. by yourself.

Multiple player network:

Allows from two to eight players using various connection hardware. Please 
refer to your communication device's manual for proper operating instructions.

After all players have reached the log in screen, take turns logging in. This 
must be done one player at a time. After all players have logged in, verify 
that all names and colors are identical on all Jaguars. If there is a 
difference on any screen, turn off all of the Jaguars and start again. Once all 
names have been verified, any player may start the game by pressing the A or B 
button. The first player to log in will be asked to select the starting 
mission. The first player's difficulty setting will also be used for this game. 
The first player can now start game play by pressing the A or B button.

You are now entering the multi-player virtual reality realm of MidNite's 
Aircars. Have Fun!!!


Joypad left   - Turn left
Joypad right  - Turn right
Joypad up     - Forward
Joypad down   - Reverse
Pause         - Pause
Option        - Banked turn toggle
A             - Fire left weapon
B             - Fire right weapon
C             - Slide control


  1   : Change left weapon
  2   : Change savable power-up
  3   : Change right weapon
  4   : Activate smoke screen
  5   : Activate Savable power-up
  6   : Drop a mine
  7   : Look left
  8   : Toggle forward / backward views
  9   : Look right
  0   : Zoom radar in / out
* + # : Pressing the "*" and "#" together will reset the game


  7   : Previous player's view
  8   : Forward / right / backward / left views
  9   : Next player's view

********************************** IMPORTANT **********************************

When a multi-player game is in progress, the game reset code (* + #) is 
disabled. The reset is enabled only when the game is paused. This is done to 
prevent an accidental reset during a multi-player game.



You can reconfigure your A-B-C button controls by pressing the Option key while 
on the title screen.

    Default                     Optional

A : Fire right weapon       A : Banked turn toggle
B : Fire left weapon        B : Fire right weapon
C : Banked turn toggle      C : Fire left weapon


While paused during game play you may press the A, B or C button and use the 
joypad to adjust the following volumes : 

A : Speech
B : Sound effects
C : Engine volume


The radar display in your dashboard is a topographical map. The intensity of 
the color relates to the altitude of the terrain. A darker color is a lower 
altitude while a lighter color is a higher altitude. Overlayed on top of the 
map display are a group of symbols representing objects in the world. The color 
of the symbols are keyed as follows :

Solid dark blue     : Building
Solid neon green    : Primary target building
Solid Light blue    : Radar
Solid pink          : Teleporter
Solid white         : Exit
Solid red           : E.B.N.E.R.S. turret
Strobing red        : E.B.N.E.R.S. aircar
Strobing orange     : E.B.N.E.R.S. tank
Strobing white      : E.B.N.E.R.S. boss
Strobing neon green : Primary target vehicle
Strobing colored    : Player of this color
Blinking yellow     : Power-up

|                                      B                                    |
|    A                                 D                            C       |
|                                      E                                    |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                      |                                    |
|                                    -- --                                  |
|                                    F |                                    |
|  J                                                              J         |
|    G   G   G      K L M                       N     G   G   G             |
|    O   O   O                                        O   O   O             |
|    P    S          H                 R         I      T    Q              |
|    P    S                                             T    Q              |
|              J                                    J                       |
[Picture of main game screen]

A Mission timer
B Player name
C Score
D Primary targets remaining
E Recommended direction
F Aiming recticle
G Savable power-up indicators
H Speed bar
I Armor bar
J Player color
K Aircar lock indicator
L Tank lock indicator
M Turret lock indicator
N Special armor timer
O Savable power-up timers
P Smoke ammo count
Q Mine ammo count
R Radar and map display
S Left weapon type and ammo count
T Right weapon type and ammo count


Weapons can be switched to after they have been picked up. Weapon power-ups add 
weapon or ammo.

Auto shotgun    	Fast rate of fire
			Medium damage
			Short range

Machine Gun		Rapid rate of fire
			Low damage

Auto Cannon		Medium rate of fire
			Medium damage

Mouzer Cannon		Slow rate of fire
			High damage

Missile Launcher 	Slow rate of fire
			High damage
			Long range
			Slow speed

Tank Cannon		Very slow rate of fire
			Awesome damage

E.D. Cannon		Medium rate of fire
			Slow speed
			Disrupts radars
			Disables enemies

Mine			Medium rate of fire
			Medium damage
			Reduces speed

Smoke			Medium rate of fire


Ammo power-ups load the maximum amount of ammo your aircar can carry for the 
particular weapon.

Shot Gun Shells
Machine Gun Bullets
Auto Cannon Shells
Mouzer Cannon Shells
Tank Cannon Shells


An immediate power-up occurs as soon as it is aquired. Some are in effect for 
a limited duration.

Armor Repair		Repairs armor
Reactive Armor		Repairs armor / Reduces damage
Invulnerability 	Repairs armor / Prevents damage
Reserve Ammo		Doubles ammo capacity
Reveal Map		Reveals entire map when activated


Savable power-ups appear on your dashboard and may be activated any time.

Radar jamming		Stops radars
Jet Pulse Accelerator	Fast acceleration
Retro Brakes		Fast deceleration
Infra-red Vision	Highlights Enemies
Stealth Pod		Invisibility to radars
Stabilizer		Stabalizes electronics


Spud			Machine gun
Mosquito		Machine gun
Fang			Machine gun
Plow			Auto cannon
Bull			Twin missiles
Slammer			Mouzer cannon
Destroyer		Mouzer cannon


Missile Tank		Missile launcher
Main Battle Tank 	Tank cannon
Light Tank		Auto cannon


Auto cannon
Mouzer cannon
Machine gun
Shot gun
Machine gun


MidNite Entertainment Group, Inc. consists of:

John Sanderson, David Ebner, Clayton Bradish III, Richard Ebner, John McNulty,
Tracey Turner, Janice Sanderson, August C. Ghilarducci

With special thanks to :

Tom Harker, Scott LeGrand, John Murfey, Nicole Scott, Mary Thorsen,
and the folks at Westchester


Ashley Albrecht, Brianna Albrecht, Corrie Berment, Dave Davis, 
James Dillenburg, John Dillenburg, Mike Ebner, Jason Faiola, Seneca Freeman,
Glenn Hinckley, Brett Hall, J.T. Kaufman, Kari Krauss, Joseph Mercure III,
Greg Mikrut, Joe Turner, Tim Ruf, John Zavaglia