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Atari Jaguar Reviews

Would you like to get some feedback about a particular game before you attempt to hunt it down? Are you curious what others might have said about your favorite game? We've gathered together a large number of links to reviews on other gaming sites and linked them directly to our database. You can browse these reviews by game, website, reviewer and score (click on a column header to sort by that column--click again to reverse the sort). You will also find these reviews linked to each game's profile page, along with an average score for each game.

All review scores have been converted into a 0 - 100% score. While this works well in most cases, a similar score from one site may not always correspond well with the same score on another site. We suggest reading the full review for games you're interested in, instead of relying on the scores alone. If you know of other websites with reviews for Atari games that we have not yet included, please contact us and we'll work on getting them added.

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Title SiteReviewed byScoreProfile
Air CarsAtari Gaming HeadquartersCarl Forhan--
Air CarsDefunct GamesDavid12%
Air CarsJustclaws JagSiteUnknown80%
Air CarsThe Atari TimesGregory D. George30%
Alien vs. PredatorAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida90%
Alien vs. PredatorDefunct GamesCyril Lachel98%
Alien vs. PredatorElectric Escape Atari ArchivesRobert A. Jung90%
Alien vs. PredatorGame Zero MagazineUnknown96%
Alien vs. PredatorJustclaws JagSiteUnknown100%
Alien vs. PredatorOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz100%
Alien vs. PredatorThe Atari TimesGregory D. George100%
Alien vs. PredatorVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek92%
Atari KartsGame Zero MagazineUnknown40%
Atari KartsJustclaws JagSiteUnknown100%
Atari KartsThe Atari TimesGregory D. George75%
Atari KartsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
Attack of the Mutant PenguinsAtari Gaming HeadquartersPatrick Holstine80%
Attack of the Mutant PenguinsJustclaws JagSiteUnknown80%
BaldiesAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
BaldiesJustclaws JagSiteUnknown60%
BattlemorphAtari Gaming HeadquartersBrian C. Bessemer80%
BattlemorphDefunct GamesAdam95%
BattlemorphElectric Escape Atari ArchivesRobert A. Jung90%
BattlemorphGame Zero MagazineUnknown91%
BattlemorphJustclaws JagSiteUnknown100%
BattlemorphPlanet Atari (German)Nils Nils75%
BattlemorphStatic GamerAdam Pratt95%
BattlemorphThe Atari TimesGregory D. George95%
BattlemorphVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek85%
Blue LightningAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida20%
Blue LightningElectric Escape Atari ArchivesRobert A. Jung60%
Blue LightningGame Zero MagazineUnknown52%
Blue LightningJustclaws JagSiteUnknown40%
Blue LightningThe Atari TimesDan Loosen65%
Blue LightningVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek62%
BrainDead 13Justclaws JagSiteUnknown80%
BrainDead 13The Atari TimesGregory D. George65%
Breakout 2000Atari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Breakout 2000Electric Escape Atari ArchivesRobert A. Jung70%
Breakout 2000Justclaws JagSiteUnknown80%
Breakout 2000The Atari TimesPatrick Holstine85%
Brutal Sports FootballJustclaws JagSiteUnknown20%
Brutal Sports FootballThe Atari TimesBruce Clarke65%
Brutal Sports FootballThe Atari TimesGregory D. George65%
Brutal Sports FootballVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
Bubsy: Fractured Furry TailsAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida40%
Bubsy: Fractured Furry TailsElectric Escape Atari ArchivesRobert A. Jung70%
Bubsy: Fractured Furry TailsJustclaws JagSiteUnknown60%
Bubsy: Fractured Furry TailsThe Atari TimesChristopher J. Bean70%
Bubsy: Fractured Furry TailsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
Cannon FodderAtari Gaming HeadquartersTravis Guy70%
Cannon FodderJustclaws JagSiteUnknown80%
Cannon FodderVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek88%
Checkered FlagAtari Gaming HeadquartersBarry Bankhead--
Checkered FlagElectric Escape Atari ArchivesRobert A. Jung70%
Checkered FlagJustclaws JagSiteUnknown60%
Checkered FlagThe Atari TimesBrendan Onfrichuk20%
Checkered FlagThe Atari TimesGregory D. George35%
Checkered FlagVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Club DriveAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida20%
Club DriveJustclaws JagSiteUnknown20%
Club DriveLe geekBen Langberg70%
Club DriveThe Atari TimesJess LaFleur55%
Club DriveVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Cybermorph (1 Meg)Electric Escape Atari ArchivesRobert A. Jung65%
Cybermorph (1 Meg)Game Zero MagazineUnknown--
Cybermorph (1 Meg)Justclaws JagSiteUnknown60%
Cybermorph (1 Meg)The Atari TimesBrendan Onfrichuk75%
Cybermorph (1 Meg)The Atari TimesGregory D. George60%
Cybermorph (1 Meg)Video Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
Defender 2000Atari Gaming HeadquartersPatrick Holstine60%
Defender 2000Electric Escape Atari ArchivesRobert A. Jung90%
Defender 2000Game Zero MagazineUnknown75%
Defender 2000Justclaws JagSiteUnknown100%
Defender 2000Le geekBen Langberg90%
Defender 2000The Atari TimesGregory D. George70%
Defender 2000Video Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
DOOMAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
DOOMDefunct GamesCyril Lachel65%
DOOMElectric Escape Atari ArchivesRobert A. Jung75%
DOOMGame Zero MagazineUnknown72%
DOOMJustclaws JagSiteUnknown100%
DOOMOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz90%
DOOMThe Atari TimesGregory D. George90%
Double Dragon VDouble Dragon DojoCloudmann75%
Double Dragon VJustclaws JagSiteUnknown20%
Double Dragon VThe Atari TimesDan Loosen8%
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida40%
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryJustclaws JagSiteUnknown60%
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryThe Atari TimesBruce Clarke50%
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Dragon's LairAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Dragon's LairJustclaws JagSiteUnknown60%
Dragon's LairThe Atari TimesGregory D. George50%
Dragon's LairVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek82%
Evolution: Dino DudesJustclaws JagSiteUnknown60%
Evolution: Dino DudesThe Atari TimesGregory D. George60%
Fever Pitch SoccerAtari Gaming HeadquartersPatrick Holstine50%
Fever Pitch SoccerJustclaws JagSiteUnknown60%
Fever Pitch SoccerThe Atari TimesBrett J. Daly78%

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