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Atari Karts Manual
Atari Karts


Here come the racers now. Regius has the lead by a beak, Miracle Man is flying 
'round the inside bend in second and Bentley Bear is roaring up on the outside 
in third place. Miz Tress just picked up a rabbit bonus and swishes into first 
place, with hot competition coming from Fire Bug, who is scorching up behind 
her! Pum King is having problems controlling his cart after picking up a 
reverse steering hazard. He's howling mad because he sees another contender 
breaking through the racers. Yes, the heat is on here at the tracks today. The 
new contender skillfully avoided the turtle hazard and is keeping the pace 
going. He just picked up a burst of speed from the speed arrow bonus, and oh, 
lucky break, he collected an improved steering bonus from the steering wheel. 
It's all over now folks, the newcomer has the lead in the final lap, and the 
winner is... YOU!

Now, come on in and meet the crazy drivers who race 'round some of the 
trickiest and slipperiest tracks ever invented. All eleven characters have 
great driving skills, so you'll need to look carefully at their different 
talents to pick the one who'll be the best for getting you first across the 
line. That's no easy task on these tracks, where you have marked and unmarked 
hazards, as well as bonuses and a whole bunch of fun.

Getting Started

1) Insert your Atari Karts cartridge into the cartridge slot of your Jaguar 
   64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2) Press the Power button.

3) Press the B button to leave the Title screen.

Selecting a Challenge

There are four levels in Atari Karts: Beginner, Warrior, Miracle, and Jaguar 
Aces. The first time you play, you will only be able to choose Beginner. The 
next challenge will be available once you complete the Miracle Race. Once you 
have completed a level, you can choose that level or any level before it when 
you start a new game. You'll have to jam on the speed to make it through them 

Press the Option button to choose your Mode (flat or hilly terrain) or change 
your controls. When you are satisfied with your options, select Exit to go back 
to the Selecting a Challenge screen. Press the A, B or C button to go on to the 
next screen.

Choosing a Character

At the Beginners challenge, you'll choose from seven supercool characters. 
Scroll down the list of names to meet each character and check out their 
driving abilities. Press the A, B or C button to make your selection. After you 
select your character you'll have the opportunity to change the name to your 
own. This name will be saved to the cartridge and will be associated with 
Player One or Player Two until the next time it is changed or the cartridge is 

Regius       - Top of the pecking order with a lot to crow about.

Skully       - Gets ahead quick, makes no bones about staying there.

Pulpito      - He'll have a grip on any track, and may win by a tentacle.

Bentley Bear - Hugs the road and cuddles the corners.

Vulky        - He's keeping an eye on you but one blink and he's gone.

Ptarmigan    - He'll win by a nose.

Miz Tress    - Doesn't bat an eyelash at the hairy corners.

You'll meet four more fearsome racers before you're through. If you come in 
first place in the Miracle Race of any challenge, you will be given the 
opportunity to select his/her car for use in the remaining races. The new 
character will have slightly better abilities than the others. If you don't 
pick the new character it'll be out to give you some serious competition.

Haratari     - From another planet, he can make it to first space (Available 
               after you win the Beginner Challenge).

Pum King     - Be careful or he'll spook you with his scary acceleration 
               (Available after you win the Warrior Challenge).

Fire Bug     - Hot competition with scorching speed (Available after you win 
               the Miracle Challenge).

Miracle Man  - Marvelous speed, super accelearation and fantastic grip 
               (Available after you win the Jaguar Aces Challenge).

Two-Player Game

In a two-player game the second player presses the A,B or C button after the 
first player has selected a character. Once the second player has chosen a 
character, player one presses the A, B or C button to start the game. The 
screen will be split so that both characters are visible.

Cups & Races

You will have to complete the Borregas, Carlton, and Tempest Cups as well as 
the Miracle Race on each level in order to move to the next one. There are 10 
different worlds, each with several different tracks. You'll see them all in 
your race to become a Jaguar Ace.

Finish your races in the top four places and advance through more tracks with 
progressively challenging terrains. Don't worry. If you don't make the grade 
the first time, you can try again! You have three cars at the start of a game. 
Every time you don't finish in the top four, you lose a car. It's gonna drive 
you crazy!

You will be awarded points for your place after every cup race. The higher you 
place, the more points you get, so get on the gas for all you're worth.

        1st place ....... 7 points
        2nd place ....... 4 points
        3rd place ....... 2 points
        4th place ....... 1 point
        Other ........... 0 points


The default controls for the game are :

  A button ...... Accelerate
  B button ...... Brake
  C button ...... Enables bonuses
  Joypad ........ Controls directions
  4 button ...... Sharp left
  6 button ...... Sharp right

Note: If you own a Jaguar ProController(TM) the sharp turns are at your 

Memory Save

Your best times, current standings and game settings are retained in the 
cartridge even if you have turned off your Jaguar 64-bit Interactive Multimedia 
System. The cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes 
have been recorded, no more changes will be retained. To clear currently saved
changes, press *, # and Option while on the Atari Karts Title screen.

Bonuses & Hazards

Bonuses and hazards are embedded in the tracks. You'll pick them up when you 
run over them. They are displayed at the top of your screen when they are 
active. In two-player mode, you can give some hazards to the other player. Only 
one hazard or bonus can be picked up at a time. If one is already active, 
running over another one doesn't do anything. There are also some natural 
hazards on each track. They're not completely obvious, but they can really slow 
you down. The Hazards or Bonus will flash when it starts to wear off.


Rabbit          - Long burst of speed

Gold speed arrow- Burst of speed

Wheel           - No friction (C button to activate)

Steer           - No skidding

Heart           - Extra life
Ramp            - Jump over slow areas


Turtle          - Slows you down

Red <->         - Reverses your controls
Green <->       - Reverses your opponent's controls when you press the C button

Hint: Wait for the right opportunity before dropping a hazard on your opponent.

Results Screens

Finish your race in fourth place or better and you can examine your race 
results before moving on to the next track. Check out the lap times, the field 
results and the points scored. Keep tabs on your lap times like a pro or 
compare the results of your performance on different tracks. It's just like the 
real thing!

Hints & Tips

* Try to take the lead as soon as possible! You'll be more likely to avoid 

* Avoid the water on the ice world.

* Take the inside edge for cornering, but stay away from the actual track edge. 
  Contact with the edge of some tracks can really slow you down. You can cut 
  some corners but watch out for natural hazards.

* Avoid oil slicks on the Route 99 world. They'll spin you around and waste 
  lots of time.

* Be sure to avoid the blood on the Halloween world.

* The ramps on the Beach world will help you cross the water without slowing 

* Avoid colliding with other competitors.

* Look for jump ramps to help you over natural hazards, or give you a quick 


Developed by                   : Miracle Designs

Executive Producer             : Bill Rehbock

Producer                       : Loic Duval

Programming                    : Filip Hautekeete, Peter Vermeulen

Graphics, Sounds and Music     : Miracle Designs Team

Additional Sounds and Graphics : Loic Duval, Jen Smith

Lead Tester                    : Jennifer Vernon

Testers                        : Lance Lewis, Martin Krawetz, Jason Cordero

Marketing Product Manager      : Jeanne Winding

Creative Services              : Greg LaBrec, Diana Bredfeldt, designworks