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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

NBA - JAM Tournament Edition


Cut loose, drive for the net, and give it all you've got! With NBA JAM 
TOURNAMENT EDITION, you're experiencing wham, bam, hoop action like you've 
never seen before!

NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION lets you wham it and slam it with rim-rocking 
superstars like Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkins, Hakeem 
Olajuwon, Anfernee Hardaway and Karl Malone! They're all here: The greatest
superstars of the sport that has become the greatest game on the globe!

Blast off with the Rockets and the Blazers, display some roundball Magic and 
Heat, fly high with the Hawks and the Hornets! All 27 NBA Teams are represented 
as you take to the boards in one-on-one, two-on-two, or two-on-one competition!

Hit the hardwood with slams and turbo-charged Jams! Take the three-point shot 
from the far end of the court, or Jam it home from under your opponent's net!

You think you know the game?

Think again! With NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION you're entering a whole new world 
of rim-ramming, hard-hitting hoop excitement!


Getting Started

1. Insert your NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION cartridge into the cartridge slot of 
   your Jaguar 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the Power button.

3. Press the A, B or C button to go directly to the Title screen. Press the A, 
   B or C button to get to the Main menu. If the game goes into Demo mode, 
   pressing the A, B or C button will bring you back to the Title screen.

Memory Save

High scores and game options are retained in the cartridge even if you have 
turned off your Jaguar 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System. The cartridge will
store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes have been recorded, no more 
changes will be retained. To clear currently saved changes, press *, # and the 
Option button while on the NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION Title screen.


Pause          Press the Pause button to pause the game. Press the Pause 
               button again to resume play.

Game Reset     To reset the game at any time, press the * and # buttons to go 
               back to the beginning.

Choose Your Game

After the opening intro, the Title screen appears. You can press the A, B or C
button at any time during the intro to bring up the Title screen. On the Title
screen press the A, B or C button to access the Main menu. You can choose to 
either begin gameplay or access options by using the Joypad to highlight an 
item and pressing the A, B or C button.

   NOTE: There are four different player positions in NBA JAM TOURNAMENT 
         EDITION. Players 1 and 2 are teamates, and players 3 and 4 are 
         teammates who oppose them.

HEAD-TO-HEAD mode places two human players on opposite teams. The person with 
controller 1 is Player 1, but the person with the controller 2 is Player 3. You 
can play one-on-one, two-on-two, or two-on-one competitive games.

TEAM GAME mode puts both players on the same team (Two players vs. computer), 
making the person with controller 1 Player 1, and the person with controller 2 
Player 2. It's you and a friend against the computer!

PRACTICE mode enables you to work on perfecting your passing and Jamming 
skills. Usable with one or two players, in Practice mode you can set up 
specialty drills and review and refine your dunks before you take on the NBA's 


OPTIONS mode allows you to customize your NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION gameplay 
in a wide variety of ways! (For additional details see Customize The Game)

To play using Team Tap insert the Team Tap plug into port #2. You'll be asked 
to select the controller number corresponding to the player you wish to 

   Controller 1 - Player 1
   Controller A - Player 2
   Controller B - Player 3
   Controller C - Player 4
   Controller D - Unused

Everyone who wants to play should then press the A button on their respective

Whether you are using Team Tap or not, you will then be asked if you want to 
enter your initials for record-keeping. Press up or down on the Joypad to 
choose, then press the A, B or C button. This decision affects all players; no 
player can enter initials if "no" is selected. If "yes" is selected, each 
player will then be asked to enter his/her initials. Use the Joypad to move the 
cursor to the desired letter, then press the A, B or C button to select. 
NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION's record-keeping feature stores each player's 
record, ranking, winning percentage, and more!

In Head-to-Head and Team modes, you'll then be asked to choose your NBA team. 
Use the Joypad to highlight the team you want. Both players can pick the same 
team. Each team is comprised of two players from a roster of three or more NBA 
teammates. In addition to the 27 NBA teams, NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION features 
a rookie team made up entirely of NBA newcomers. As with regular teams, both 
players can select rookie teams.

Notice that for every player featured in NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION, a field of 
statistical ability rankings appears below the player's portrait. These figures 
rate each player on a scale of 0 to 9 in eight important playing categories. 
Attributes rated are:

   Speed : How quick the player is.

   3 Pt  : Rates how well the player hits the hoops from "downtown."

   Dunk  : A ranking of what kind of Jammer the player is.

   Pass  : How accurate a player's passing game is.

   Power : The power of a player is important in terms of both his strength and
           his ability to withstand injury.

   Steal : Rates a player's ability to strip the ball from opponents.

   Block : How good is this player at rejecting and deflecting attempted shots?
           The block rating tells no lie!

   Clutch: Tells you wether this player comes through when you need him most, 
           or if choking is more his style.

Once you've highlighted your team, press the B or C button to scroll through 
the available player combinations on that team. Press the A button to lock in
your choice.


The Options screen provides you with a wide variety of ways to affect gameplay.
To select an option press the Joypad up/down. Press the A, B or C button to 
make your choice on each option.

TIMER SPEED: The speed of the clock may be set from 1(extra slow) to 5 (extra 

DRONE DIFFICULTY: The competitive intelligence of your computer controlled 
   opponents may be set from 1 (extra easy) to 5 (extra hard).

TAG MODE: In a one-player or one human per team game, NBA JAM TOURNAMENT 
   EDITIONS allows you to select how you wish to control your teammate. Off is 
   the default. As in the arcade version, you control one player the entire 
   game, and the computer controls your teammate (unless a human player should 
   "jump in" by pressing the A, B or C button on a separate controller). Tag 
   Mode On enables you to control both the ball-handling and the movement of 
   whichever player on your team has the ball. In other words, you pass off 
   control when you pass off the ball. The "tag" occurs when your teammate 
   gains possession, so if a pass is intercepted, you retain control of the 
   player who passed.

COMPUTER ASSISTANCE: Set on or off. When on, this option will cause the 
   computer to make sure that games remain close by cooling off any team that 
   gets too big a lead! Turn off to give both teams a 'fair shake'.

CHOOSE YOUR PAD: This mode offers you six different ways to set up the buttons 
   on your controller for various pass, shoot, and turbo options.

VIEW/DELETE RECORD: Activating this option will take you to the record screen. 
   NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION stores records and stats for up to 32 different 
   players. At some point, however, you may wish to make room for a new one. To 
   erase a record, use the Joypad to highlight the desired record and press the 
   A, B or C button. You will be asked to confirm whether you truly wish to 
   delete this record. Press the A button to abort your deletion. Press the C 
   button to erase the record. Highlight Return to Main Menu and press the A, B 
   or C button to return to the main Options menu.

SPECIAL FEATURES allows you to make additional adjustments to six game 

1. TOURNAMENT MODE: When on, this prevents use of all powerups and cheats. 
   Notice that when Tournament Mode is on, all other options in the Special 
   Features menu are not available.

2. SHOT CLOCK: May be adjusted from 5 seconds to 24 seconds.

3. OVERTIME: May be adjusted from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

4. HOT SPOTS: When on, will create visible hot spots with different point 
   values. Shoot or Jam from a hot spot and score bonus points! When your 
   player lands on one, you'll hear a sound and the color of the spot will 

5. POWERUP ICONS: These will enable a player to instantaneously (and 
   temporarily) increase his dunking ability, cause a player to remain 
   temporarily "on fire," and more! Available to be picked up by a human player 
   or the computer-controlled opponent, they appear on screen at randon. Here's 
   a directory of availbale icons you'll find in NBA JAM TOURBNAMENT EDITION:

   3	Increases a player's ability to make the three-point outside shot!
   D   	Allows players to perform Monster Jams from anyhwere on the court.
   S	Increases a player's overall speed!
   P	Increases a player's power.
   T	Temporarily gives a player unlimited turbo!
   F	Causes a player to catch fire increasing his ability to sink those 
        incredible slams!
   B	The Bomb flattens everyone on the court except the player who collects 
6. JUICE MODE: Talk about high-speed slamming! Turning up the juice increases 
   all player's overall speed by a factor of 1 to 4. Try hitting Turbo when 
   your player's been juiced up to a factor of four! Awesome!

   NOTE: Hot Spot or Powerup icon games will not count toward your season 

Once you've made all of the Special Features changes you want to make, select
Options and press the A, B or C button to lock in your chocies.

When you've made all of your Options choices select Return to Main Menu and 
press the A, B or C button.

After the first and third quarters, the computer will provide coaching tips to
help you improve your game! After the second quarter, the computer will review 
the players' statistics for the first half. 


An NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION game is divided into four quarters of three 
minuted each. A game begins with a tip-off as two players leap for the ball in 
order to gain control. Possession of the ball at the beginning of the second 
and fourth quarters goes to the home team (team one). The visiting team (team 
two) gets the ball at the start of the third quarter regardless of who wins the 
initial tip or had the ball when the previous quarter ended. The home team 
defends the basket at the left side of the screen and scores against the 
visiting team's basket at the right side of the screen.

The object of the game is to have outscored your opponents when the final 
buzzer sounds. A basket counts for two points when it is shot from inside the 
three-point line, and three points when shot from behind it.

A defensive player can block a shot, but only when the ball is on the upward 
part of its arc. If it is touched by a defender on its downward flight, a 
goaltending call is made, and points are awarded whether or not the basket was 
going to go in. Once the ball touches the rim, however, it can be grabbed by 
any player, either offensive or defensive.

To make identifying the ball-handler easy, whenever a player has possession of 
the ball, an orange basketball indicator will appear behind his name at the top 
of the screen. If nobody has possession - the ball is in the air or has been 
knocked away - there is no indicator.

If a player scores three baskets in a row, he is 'on fire!' During this time, 
he has unlimited Turbo, and a much better chance of sinking shoits from 
anywhere on the floor! Being 'on fire' lasts for four baskets by the 'on fire' 
player, or until the next opposing basket goes in. This means that a teammate 
can score without putting out the 'fire.' The ball glows when the player on 
fire holds it and smokes when he shoots it.


After the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter, NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION allows you to 
make player substitutions from your team roster. Change the player combination 
by pressing the B or C button. When you see the two players on screen you want 
in the game, press the A button to verify your choices and begin the next 

   NOTE: When a player completes a season by defeating all 27 NBA teams, 
         expanded rosters become available for some teams. And special teams
         become available as well!

Injury: A progressive assessment of a player's health, this ranking will 
 increase as a player sustains increased injury throughout a game. An injured 
 player will suffer degraded play in all attributes areas, so you may wish to 
 substitute a healthy player for an injured one. Sitting a palyer out for a 
 quarter will completely restore his health.



Moves your player up and down the court. When any player is off-screen, his 
position is marked by an arrow with his player number and color. The height of 
the arrow shows where he is vertically on the court, and distance from the edge 
shows how far off-screen he is.

SHOOT/BLOCK (Default - the A button)

When your team has the ball, the Shoot button will cause you (and on a one-
human tam, your computer teammate as well) to shoot for the basket. Your player 
releases the ball when your release the button. Releasing the ball at the apex 
of your leap gives your shot greater accuracy, but releasing it quickly or very 
slowly can often prevent a leaping defender from blocking or stealing the ball. 
Tapping Shoot once quickly executes a head-fake which may trick the defense, 
but it stops your dribble so you must either pass or shoot the ball before you 
can move!

When your team does not have the ball, Shoot/Block causes your player to jump 
up for a block. Timing is crucial to denying the shot. Jump too early and the 
shooter can wait until you fall out of the way; jump too late and the shooter 
can shoot it over you!

Many times your defender will get a piece of the ball without rejecting the 
shot completely. The ball will flash white whenever your defensive player makes 
contact with it.

PASS/STEAL (Default - the C button)

When your team has the ball, the Pass button will cause you (and on a one-
human team, your computer teammate) to pass the ball to his teammate. But a 
passed ball is easily intercepted by a defender so look before you pass!

When your team does not have the ball, tapping this button causes your player 
to swipe at the ball in the hopes of either stealing it or knocking it out of 
an opponent's hand.

TURBO (Default - the B button or the left and right Index buttons on the 

Turbo causes your player to run much faster than he normally would (determined 
by his attributes). Whether on offense or defense you can blow by a defender or 
step around a pick and block a shot! Unfortunately, your player has only a 
limited amount of turbo power, indicated by the meter by your player's name. As 
you use it, the meter runs down, but when you release  Turbo, it begins to 
regenerate. A player using Turbo can be spotted by his colored shoes! When a 
player is 'on fire,' he has unlimited Turbo until his 'fire' is put out, but to 
use the Turbo, the button must still be held!

Tapping Turbo several times quickly causes your player to grab and protect the 
ball, a move which can often knock defenders away and give you a clean shot at 
the basket.


When your player has the ball near the basket, pressing these two buttons 
causes you (and on a one-human team, your computer teammate) to go for the Jam, 
slam-dunking the ball into the basket. There are many spectacular "Ultra-Jams" 
that can be executed, depending on a number of factors such as the players 
dunking ability and position. Your player will only Jam if he is moving, 
however, so be sure to drive towards the hole if you want to slam!

When your team doesn't have the ball, pressing these two buttons makes your
player go for a super block, jumping much higher than he ordinarily would!


Pressing these buttons will cause the ball-handler to execute a much harder and 
safer pass then the Pass button by itself. Often these will take the forms of 
behind-the-back, or bounce passes.

When your player doesn't have the ball, pressing these buttons together makes 
your player maneuver his way through. He may clear a player out of the way. Be 
careful, because you can clear your own player too! Defensively this is a 
useful tool for stealing the ball, bringing down rebounds, and stopping "easy 
Jams!" Offensively this is a good way to clear an area so a teammate has a 
clear shot at the basket.


When a player has possession of the ball
(default settings are in parentheses)

                     Tap button      Hold button    Press + Turbo

Shoot/Block (A)       Head Fake       Jump Shot      Dunk

Pass/Steal (C)        Pass            Pass           Super Pass

Turbo (B or Index)    Protect Ball    Run Faster


When a player does not have possession of the ball
(default settings are in parentheses)

                     Tap Button      Hold button    Press + Turbo

Shoot/Block (A)       Block           Block          Super Block

Pass/Steal (C)        Steal           Steal          Clear

Turbo (B or Index)                    Run Faster


High Voltage

Producer                           Robert B. Ganofsky
Lead Programmer                    Adisak Pochanayon
Tools Programming                  Brian V. McGroarty
Lead Artist                        Damion Davis
Artist                             Cary Penczek
Sound/Music                        Eric Nofsinger
Special Thanks To                  Kerry, Joe, Pascal, Harold, Pete, Barton, 
                                   Mike, Dirk, Beverly, Lydia, Emily, Peter, 
                                   Mark T., Ted Hoff


Producer                           Vince Zampella
Assistant Producer/Lead Tester     Phil B. Gelber
Testers                            Blair Bullock, Jason Cordero, 
                                   Tal Funke-Bilu, Eric D.Riley, Marty Krawetz, 
                                   Lance J.Lewis, Leonard Sayers
Product Marketing Manager          Jeanne Winding
Creative Services                  Greg LaBrec, Trish Ward, Beeline Group