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Syndicate - Ocean - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Syndicate Manual


Three behemoth corporations: U.S.-based, European-based, and Far Eastern-based 
emerged as the most powerful entities in the world, controlling the highest 
level of government and trade. Then the European corporation created the CHIP, 
a mind altering stimulant that replaced all other drugs. Control of the CHIP 
meant control of the people. Soon the corporations were at war among themselves 
for control of this CHIP. Meanwhile, crime Syndicates bribed and murdered their 
way into these mega-corporations and soon exercised influence all over the 

As a young executive in a small Syndicate, your objective is to gain control of 
the world's territories. By battling rival Syndicates with CHIP-controlled 
Cyborg Agents, you'll embark on over 50 bloody missions, assassinating key 
figures and capturing rival Agents for your own use along the way. It won't be
easy. You'll need to develop an overall strategy of attack for world 
domination-aimless killing and maiming will only get you so far.

Remember to keep a watchful eye out because you never know when the cross-hairs
of a high-powered rifle will be pointed at you.


The object of Syndicate is to gain as much control of the world as possible, 
street by street, city by city, country by country.

The World Map is divided into various territories. From your home base in 
Europe, you'll invade adjacent territories and, with the help of merciless,
cold-blooded Agents, wrestle them from rival Syndicates. With that 
accomplished, you can raise taxes to increase profits and punish the populace 
for serving the wrong Syndicate.

Raising taxes can be dangerous because furious natives who are leading 
uproarious rebellions can impact Syndicate profits. So, keep an eye on foreign 
interests and pick off troublemakers as they surface.

And remember, while you're busy expanding your Syndicate's empire abroad, rival 
Agents are working behind your back to destabilize your Syndicate. Ensure that
Agents are well interrogated in order to weed out traitors who want to place 
your head on a platter.

By surviving all challenges, destroying all targets, and gaining control of all 
territories, your Syndicate triumphs.


1. Insert your Jaguar Syndicate cartridge into the slot of your Atari Jaguar 
   64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System

2. Press the POWER button.

3. Press any fire button to skip the title screens.


These are the controls for all the menus in the game.

A: Select option.

B: Change menu.

C: Not generally used.

Directional Pad: Change menu selection.


Press the A, B or C button to bypass the title screens and call up the 
Syndicate Menu. To move through the Menu, press the Directional Pad UP or DOWN. 
To select an option, press A.

The Menu options are as follows:

Configure Company
Begin Mission
Load Game
Save Game
Restart Game

Use the Directional Pad to highlight the chosen Menu option and press the A 
button to select. Press A, B or C to exit the Syndicate Menu and start the 


Select Configure Company to reveal the Select Detail To Change Menu.


You can personalize your Syndicate name, color, logo and the player name here.


Select Begin Mission to enter the Syndicate global arena. The World Map Screen 
is revealed.

The World Map is divided into 50 territories. Color coded according to the 
controlling Syndicate, the slices bear no relation to current conceptions of 
national boundaries, but are solely the result of decades of inter-Syndicate 

The World Map changes after every successful Mission. Your Syndicate's color 
takes the place of the territory where you have been successful. The Territory 
Box reveals Population, Status and Tax Rate.


To save a game, select Save Game from the Main Menu and press the A button. The 
Confirm Save Game Menu will appear. Select "Yes" to save your game.

The following is saved:

* Current game day and year.

* All names, mods and weapons of the currently selected four Agents, and the 
  next four most well   equipped Agents. The names and any mods of the 
  remaining Agents are saved, but their weapons are sold and not saved. The 
  saved money amount is adjusted accordingly.
* All owned cities are saved, along with their current happiness value. Current 
  tax levels are stored as the nearest value of 0%, 33%, 66% and 99%.

* All fully completed items of research are saved, both mods and weapons. Any 
  item currently being researched is saved along with its funding level etc.; 
  however, any partially completed research on that item is not saved.

* The adjusted money amount is saved to the nearest 100 units.

To load a game, select Load Game on the Main Menu and press the A button. 
Confirm your load and the game will begin.


Return to the Main Menu and select Restart Game to begin a new game.


The Territory Box gives these details:

Territory Name
Current Tax Rate
Status of Owned Territory


The day, date and year is displayed in the top right of the screen.


Only when the word "Brief" appears in the Brief window is a Mission available 
in that territory.

The Mission Name and a Written Mission Description are revealed. To expand on 
the Mission Brief, select Info by pressing the B button. If the Mission 
Description is more than one page, select the arrow keys at the bottom of the 
screen by pressing the B button. Then move your Directional Pad to the right to 
view the next page. Likewise, to enhance the Mission Map, select the Enhance 
box by pressing the B button. Extra Info and Enhancements cost money which will 
be deducted from the Budget figure.

Select Accept to select this Mission. Select Map to go back to the Map Screen. 
Select Menu to go to the Main Menu.


The figure at the top right hand column is the Mission Budget. Spend it wisely! 
It allows you to buy weapons, peripherals and modifications of your Agents. You 
can also invest it on further Mission Information and an enhanced Mission Map.

Your budget goes up and down depending on expenses such as purchases, and 
income such as taxes.

Having no money does not end the game. It just makes it much more difficult. 
Your Agents are sent into the field with basic weapons and information.


The Mission Map shows where your enemies are, transportation routes, 
structures, etc.

The drop zone flashes red and white. Enemy Agents are also displayed, flashing
in red. Streets and transport routes are gray and buildings are green. You must
begin the mission to find out the approximate location of the target.



Select, equip and modify Agents using their Agent Boxes. Select an Agent by 
pressing 1-4 on your numeric key pad or press the 5 button to toggle Group 
Mode. The Group Mode selects all four Agents for simultaneous modifications.

Maximum squad size is four, but it's often easier to keep an eye on just one or 
two Agents. To deselect an Agent, just hold down the C button and press the 
number of the Agent you wish to deselect.


Each Agent begins with one pistol. Purchases are listed to the bottom right of 
the Agent icon. Only arm your Agents for the Mission at hand. The more weapons 
your Agents carry, the more encumbered they become.

The Equipment List shows equipment available and the ability to purchase more
equipment. Select the Equipment List by pressing the B button. Using the 
Directional Pad, you may select a particular weapon. Press A to open the Weapon 
Details Screen.

As with the Info and Enhance options, it is up to you to balance expenditures 
against the requirements of a Mission


At the beginning of the game, you have five equipment options: Persuadertron, 
Pistol, Shotgun, Scanner and MediKit. By selecting an item, you can find out 
the name, cost, unit cost, amount of ammunition and effective weapon range.


Press the A button to purchase an item.


The Mods Screen allows you to perfect your Cyborg Agent's brain, limbs, eyes, 
heart and chest to produce the ultimate killing machine.

Each particular modification improves your Agent in the following ways:

Brain: Increases the power of the Persuadertron (i.e., it is easier to persuade
       Agents, etc.).

Eyes: Increases the range of the Persuadertron. Improves perception.

Heart: Improves adrenalin recovery.

Chest: Regenerates health. Allows Agent to self-destruct.

Legs: Allows Agents to move faster.

Arms: Allows Agents to carry heavy weapons (e.g., Minigun) without any slow 


There are three (V1, V2 & V3) physical modification versions available. The 
higher the version, the more advanced the technology and therefore the higher 
the probability of success.


You can channel funds into the Research Department to develop better and more 
advanced equipment.

Equipment Development

At the Research Screen, select a category and then select Research. The minimum 
and maximum development cost is revealed in the window. Adjust this with the 
Funding + and Funding - buttons. Use the Directional Pad to switch between + 
and - and press the A button to select it. The new Development Cost is deducted 
from the Mission Budget. When you have chosen the right combination of cost and 
time of development, select Accept.

Modification Development

Your Modification Development options are listed here. Use the Funding +/- 
buttons to maximize and minimize your investment.

Want that laser bad? Speed up development by increasing funding. Budget looking 
a little thin? Reduce the speed of development and save some money. These 
adjustments can be made using the Funding + and Funding - options.

Development Graph

The Development Graph is an at-a-glance indicator of the state of development 
for any modification or piece of equipment. The vertical axis is % Completion 
and the horizontal axis is Day To Completion.

The initial Development Cost is based on 100% completion being achieved in ten 
days. By increasing funding, you can cut development time to as short as one 

Confirming Development

When all budgetary limitations have been taken into account and the desired 
cost/time threshold reached, select Accept to return to the Mission Screen. 
Select Team to select your Agents from Stasis. Equipment purchases and 
modifications to your Agents give them more specific Mission uses. They also 
gain experience with their weaponry as the game progresses. In this way, you 
should develop an enviable selection of Cybernetic killing talent for your 

Using the Persuadertron, captured enemy Agents are added to the Cyro Chamber.
The Agents bring weapons and experience with them which can be modified.

Remember, Agents killed during a Mission are gone make sure your 
pool of Mission personnel doesn't dry up, or it's over!


You must replace dead Cyborg Agents with Cyborg Agents in the Cryo Chamber. 
First select the Dead Agent's box. Now select the chosen Agent from the Cryo 
Chamber, and the Agent box number appears beside it. This Cyborg can now be 
equipped and modified for service with the Syndicate.

The number of stored Agents can only be increased by persuading enemy Agents to 
join your forces.


A: Fires your weapon.

B: Moves team member(s) to cursor, picks up items.

C: Hold the C button and move the Directional Pad to make the screen scroll.

Directional Pad: Moves cursor.
* When cursor is moved to the edge of the screen, screen scolls with it.
* When cursor is moved over an item that can be picked up, it changes to a 

Options: Zoom cursor to nearest target.

Pause: Pauses the action. When paused:
       Arrow Keys + Option: Adjust screen position.
       Arrow Keys + A: Adjusts music volume.
       Arrow Keys + B: Adjusts sample volume.
       Arrow Keys + C: Adjusts panel position.

1: Selects the first person on your team.

2: Selects the second person on your team.

3: Selects the third person on your team.

4: Selects the fourth person on your team.

5: Selects or deselects all members of your team.

6: Centers screen on selected agent.

7: Selects weapon or device team member is carrying.

8: Same as 7.

9: Toggles Agent tracking mode.

*: Adrenaline Drug: Controls speed of reactions.

0: Perception Drug: Improves precise firing and alerts an Agent to danger 

#: Intelligence Drug: Controls an Agent's reactions to a given situation.

Key Combinations:

B - C: Panic mode (weapon is drawn and fired automatically).

C - 7: Deselects weapon.

C - 8: Drops weapon.

C - 7 - 9: Self-destruct.

C - 1: Zoom in.

C - 2: Zoom out.

C - *: Reduce Adrenaline.

C - 0: Reduce Perception.

C - #: Reduce Intelligence.

C - 3: Go to point on scanner map.

1 - 3: Withdraw from Mission.



The operational status of your Agents is displayed in the Status boxes numbered 
1-4. Each has an Agent icon that responds to movements and hits in the Mission 

With the Health Bar, white means life and black means death. The health of a 
Cyborg can be restored using a MediKit.

You can either select the Agent's Status box or the Agent in the Mission Zone 
to activate him/her.


With the three bars, you control injections of drugs which alter Intelligence 
(I), Perception (P), and Adrenalin (A) levels in real time. The dark segment 
shows the amount of drug used.

Press the *, 0 or # keys to raise the level of the injections. Hold the C 
button down and press the *, 0 or # keys to lower the level of injections. The
center white line moves to the right to show drug dependency. Future injections 
need to be greater to have the same effect.

Intelligence: Controls an Agent's reactions to a given situation.

Perception: Improves precise firing and alerts an Agent to danger earlier.

Adrenaline: Controls speed and reactions.

An Agent with high adrenaline and low intelligence reacts quickly but 
erratically. He/she may fire wide or too soon.

Raising intelligence may prompt an Agent to get out of a risky situation rather 
than risk his life. This is especially true in combination with higher 


The scanner shows an aerial view of the Mission View.

City Structures: Green blocks.

Road/Access Routes: Gray.

Your Agents, People, Police or Enemy Agents Caught In The Persuadertron: 
 Flash white/yellow.

Enemy Agents: Red.

Unfriendly Soldiers/Guards: Brown flashing circles.

Civilian Population/Dead Agents: White specks.

Police: Black.

Vehicles: Blue squares.

You can move your Agents around the Mission Zone by selecting ahead of your 
Agent(s) in the desired direction of movement, and pressing the B button.


Your Agents appear in the Mission Zone numbered 1 - 4. Select ahead of the 
Agent and press the B button to move them. If your Agent has entered a 
building, a vehicle, or has disappeared into a tunnel, follow the Agent's dot 
to trace the route. You can maneuver the Agent when out of sight.

You can make your Agents move faster by increasing their adrenaline level or 
investing in higher version legs. The load they are carrying also has an 

Group Mode

Combine all your Agents during the Mission using the Group Mode by pressing the 
5 button. When you are in the Group Mode, your Agents work as one.


Here are some of the things you can expect to come across while playing 

Enemey Agents (red circles): Rival Syndicate Agents appear wearing large 
   overcoats to conceal weapons.

Police (black circles): Police cannot fire on Syndicate Agents until weapons 
   are drawn. Despite being well-trained, well-armed and well-protected, police 
   can become sitting ducks for Agents intent on target practice.

The Target (white dot with radar signal): The target can be located on the 
   Scanner by following the radar signal.

Vehicles (blue squares): You can get into cars, trucks and trains by selecting 
   on a desired vehicle. This moves the active Agent to enter the vehicle. You 
   control the vehicle the same way as controlling the movement of the Agent.

Buildings (green blocks): Select doors to enter buildings. While inside, you 
   can trace the movements of your Agent by following his/her dot on the 
   Scanner. To exit, select a place outside and your Agent will find the 
   shortest route outside.


You must select a weapon before firing. But remember, police recognize Cyborgs 
with weapons drawn and will fire on you when you have an active weapon. Aim 
with the cursor, and the targeting icon will appear. When red, the target is in 
range. Press the A button once for one shot. Hold the button down for 
machine-gun fire if you have an automatic weapon.

Pressing either the 7 or 8 button will toggle through your weapons selection. 
C + 7 will deselect the weapon you currently have selected.

C + 8 will drop the weapon you currently have selected.

To grab the weapon of a fallen enemy or police officer, simply place the cursor 
over the smoking body and when the grabbing icon appears, press the B button. 
The weapon flashes red in your Agent's inventory if it's worth retrieving. If 
there is more than one weapon, the Grab icon remains in view.


You can self-destruct your Agents if they are equipped with V1 chests or higher 
by pressing C + 7 + 9 buttons simultaneously.


After each Mission, the Debriefing Screen gives you Mission statistics. These 
include Agents killed, Agents used, hit percentage, and a breakdown of 
everything that happened during the Mission. If things went badly for your 
Syndicate, here's where you find out why.

After reading these stats, select Accept and the World Map display appears. If 
you were successful in your last Mission, your company color appears in the 
territory you conquered. If you were not successful, no new territories are 
flashing and you cannot go onto new Missions.

If the Mission was not a success, Agents killed and money spent are gone for 
good, and you must replay the Mission again.



Raise taxes for more funding and to increase Syndicate profits.

But be careful with population mood changes. The citizens can turn rebellious 
if unhappy with your treatment of them. If this happens, you will need to fight 
an extra Mission. And this will take precious money, resources and Agents, so 
be careful and check the current mood of the populace by selecting your 
controlled territories at the World Map Screen. Lower taxes if necessary to 
improve the mood and prevent rival Syndicate insurgents from taking advantage.

You can raise taxes in 1% and 10% increments. The money raised is displayed 
next to the tax figure. Arrow Keys toggle through owned or playable states. 
C + Arrow Keys move through all states. Left/Right Keys raise/lower tax in 
increments of 1%. C + Left/Right Keys raise/lower tax in increments of 10%.


Territories in your vicinity that have been destabilized due to your success 
will flash to indicate they are ripe for a takeover. These are the areas you 
will invade next. Choose a territory and select Brief to reveal the new Mission 
and budget. Then select Accept for Team Selection.


Select the Agent box to see the Cyborg's remaining firepower (visible beneath 
the Agent display). Weapons low on ammunition have incomplete red bars. Select 
the Weapon Descriptions window. Select Reload and press the A button to return 
a weapon to full strength.


You can sell unnecessary weaponry and boost your budget for the next Mission.
Simply highlight the item and select Sell. Weapons you grabbed during a Mission
can be sold or reloaded, whichever you think would be more advantageous to your
next Mission.


The following lists the complete set of weapons and mission peripherals made 
available to your Syndicate.


Pistol: Large caliber hand gun. Medium range projectile weapon. Very cheap gun 
   that is easiliy outclassed, but useful as a backup.

Shotgun: Pump action shotgun with a large spread. Short range weapon. Nearly 
   useless at long range.

Persuadertron: Short-range weapon that fires a small dose of chemicals which 
   render the target totally open to auto suggestion. When hit, victims 
   momentarily turn blue, lose all free will, and follow the Agent (who fired 
   the gun) around the Mission Zone like a zombie.

Uzi SMG: 9mm automatic hand gun. Fast rate of fire and medium range. Plenty of
   ammunition and a relatively low cost make this weapon the mainstay of any 
   offensive force.

Long Range Rifle: Very long range and extremely accurate, high velocity rifle. 
   A single-shot weapon designed for picking off individual targets at a 
   distance. Useful for assassination attempts and long-range support fire.


Flame Thrower: Shoots a short-range stream of ignited jelly that sticks and 
   burns on target. Effective for close crowd clearance and as an anti-vehicle

Mini Gun: Motor driven, multi-barreled machine gun. Devastating rate of fire 
   and a decent range make this an ideal support weapon for any squad. Be 
   careful: This gun is very heavy and goes through ammunition fast.

Laser Gun: Small rifle that cuts through its target with ease. Extremely 
   powerful with a very long range.

Gauss Gun: Portable launcher with three rockets. Long range, high explosive 
   rockets ideal for destroying tanks or eliminating large groups of people.


Pass Card: Plastic card that allows access to some security doors. Also 
   identifies the Agent as a police officer.

Scanner: Energy scanner for detecting possible threats or items of equipment in 
   the area. Displays people, vehicles and equipment in the surrounding area.

Time Bomb: High powered explosive with timer and detonator. Strong enough to 
   destroy people and vehicle, but not structures.

MediKit: Can be used for minor field surgery. Restores a single Agent's health 
   and may only be used once.

Shield: Personal force field generator. Withstands all projectile weapons. Very 
   short life span due to immense power drain.


The Tao: Tao Agents are well-disciplined and equipped with the latest weaponry.
   Assassinations are generally immaculate with very little civilian wastage. 
   Tao Agents are not a vicious or sadistic adversary, but a frighteningly 
   efficient one.

I.I.A. (Independent Intelligence Agency): I.I.A. operatives are chosen for 
   their massive muscularity. They are loaded with heavy armaments, the logic 
   being that a few civilian casualties helps keep the rest of the citizens in 
   line. Expect no mercy.

The Castrilos: Unparalleled viciousness is the major attribute of Castrilo 
   Agents. Spreading through the Caribbean like the flu, this Syndicate soon 
   established itself as a primal force throughout most of South America. A
   fortune was made by the Castrilos blackmailing world governments with 
   threats to destroy what remained of the Amazon rain forest. A war of 
   attrition exists between Castrilo Agents and the I.I.A. as they attempt to 
   establish a foothold in the lucrative North American zone.

Sphinx Inc.: Although not the best equipped, Sphinx Inc. Agents are injected 
   with an unnatural dedication to duty. Even alone and injured, they fight to 
   the end and are very difficult to kill.

Executive Jihad: Caught between a rock and a hard place by the expansionist 
   policies of both Tao and Sphinx Inc., and near bankrupted by World 
   Government fines levied for exporting oil, the Jihad is a Syndicate fighting 
   for its home. Adversity is a great motivation and the Jihad executive has 
   seen to it that its Cyborgs are kill-hungry maniacs. They may be few and 
   poorly armed, but you overlook the Jihad at your peril.

Tasmanian Liberation Consortium (TLC): With a fortune made from exporting weak, 
   fizzy lager worldwide to spend on Research, the TLC gained influence and 
   were soon second only to the Tao as a world power. Their Agents tend to be 
   wayward in their aim, mainly because their executive controllers are always 
   drunk, so civilian casualties are high. TLC Agents have no real sadistic 
   streak, and only turn nasty when denied access to Vegemite.

EuroCorp: The original designer of the CHIP. But EuroCorp's monopoly of world 
   CHIP production couldn't last forever, and soon the executive was defending 
   itself from rival Syndicate interests on all fronts.

This is the situation you are in. Defend your Syndicate and, at the same time, 
use your Agents to re-establish your Syndicate's pre-eminence.







                        GLENN CORPES