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Zool 2 - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Zool 2 Manual
Zool 2

There's Trouble in the Nth Dimension

Krool's forces are invading and only Zool can save the Nth Dimension. The evil 
Krool has sent Mental Block, his morphing henchman, to seize power. Mental 
Block's going to morph himself stupid to make sure this adventure is one the 
ninjas are never going to forget.

Choose to be either Zool, or his lovely and daring sidekick Zooz. They've been 
entrusted with the restoration of order to the Nth Dimension and charged with 
the expulsion of Mental Block and his henchmen. Zoon, the amazing intergalactic 
wonderdog, will assist you - and you're going to need him, too! Mental Block's 
got quite a head start on you. There's been some real double dealing going on 
around here.

Fowl play's going on down at Swan Lake, forked tongue double-dealing is taking 
place at Snaking Pass and what he's doing on Bulberry Hill is just shocking! 
Watch out for the Mount Ices frozen food horrors and the Curse of the Pharaoh
at Tooting Common. In Mental Block's Crazy House you'd better hold on to your 
senses and set your controls on Maximum Weirdness.

Strange things are going on!

Getting Started

1. Insert your JAGUAR Zool 2 cartridge into the cartridge slot of your JAGUAR 
   64-bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the POWER Button.

3. To get right into the game, just press the Fire Button.

   To access the Options Screen, press Option.

Options Screen

To highlight a particular option, press the Joypad up and down. Press the B 
Button to alter its value.

To quit the Options Screen, move down to START and press the A Button, B Button 
or C Button.

The options will affect the game in the following ways:

Choose ON (default) or OFF. Effects your character's forward momentum.

Easy - 8 lives, just collect most of those items that are on the map.

Normal (default) - 6 lives, collect all map items plus find some hidden ones - 
 or break a few items on the map or kill a few baddies (either of which will 
 give you enough extra).

Hard - 4 lives, collect all map items including hidden ones plus break several 
 map items plus kill many baddies.

Choose from One (default), Two with one Joypad, or Two with two Joypads.

To change the configuration of your Joypad, highlight CONFIGURE and press the B 
Button. Highlight CHANGE and press the B Button until you have the desired 
configuration. Highlight RETURN and press Fire to return to Options screen or 
START to jump right into the game.

B Button     Fire
A Button     Jump
C Button     Smart Bomb

Zool/Zooz Choose Screen

Before the game begins, you will be asked which character you want. To pick, 
move the Joypad left or right, then press A Button to start. In a 2-Player game 
(with either one or two Joypads) Player One chooses first, then Player Two.

The dashing defender of the Nth Dimension maintains order with his lightning 
speed and super-sonic ninja moves. Check out his devastating power jump!

Zool's brave and beautiful companion is a ninja superhero in her own right. The 
bad guys better watch out for her whip!

Playing the Game

When you've set up your Options, go to START and press A, B or C to begin.

All of your Ninja's actions are controlled by using the Joypad. Both Zool and 
Zooz have some unique Ninja moves to help them subdue Mental Block. Can you 
discover them?

Game Controls

The following controls may be used for either Zool or Zooz:

Up            Climb up walls/Jump vertically
Right & Up    Jump diagonally right
Right         Run right
Right & Down  Slide right
Down          Climb down walls/Crouch
Left & Down   Slide left
Left          Run Left
Left & Up     Jump diagonally left

These are the default controls. They can be reconfigured at the Options Screen:

Press the B Button to allow Zool or Zooz to fire bullets.

Hold down the Fire Button and run into a wall for a height-scaling back flip, 
perfect for when a simple jump isn't enough.

When hanging on a column, hold down the Fire Button and then move left or right 
to crawl across it.

Press Fire while your Ninja is in the air for a devastating spinning power 
jump. Use this move to break through false ceilings (Zool) and floors (Zooz).

Press the A Button, or UP on the Joypad to jump.

Press Pause during play and press the A Button to access the music volume, or 
the B Button to access the Sound FX menu. To adjust the volume, press the 
joypad RIGHT to increase volume, LEFT to decrease volume.

Music, SFX Settings and High Scores information are retained in the cartridge 
even if you have turned off your Jaguar 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System. 
The cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes have been 
recorded, no more changes will be retained. To clear the currently saved 
changes, press *, Option and # while on the Zool 2 Option Screen.

Main Playing Screen

Run past them and the next time you lose a life, you'll restart from that 
point. To find them, look for a red beacon that flashes green when you pass it.

Defeating some enemies, you'll see little hearts with wings floating up. If 
your Ninja can grab one, he'll restore his health by one point.

Zool and Zooz need a little help to overcome the forces of non-imagination. 
Luckily, smart weapons have been hidden by Nth Dimension agents - they're 
perfect for when Ninja skills aren't enough. They're concealed in locked boxes
marked with a Chupa Chups symbol (except the Zoon bonus, which looks like a 
Zoon). Use a Ninja head-butt to break them open, and you'll find one of the 
following inside.

Will follow you until you decide to use it. Press the C Button to say goodbye 
to all the bad guys on the screen. Keep three and active them one at time.

Split up your Ninja for double the action.

Makes our heroes invincible for a short time.

Adds valuable seconds to your timer.

An extra life.

Press the C Button after picking this up and you'll shoot a swirling super
spinning missile that takes care of the most ferocious opponents.

Restores your Ninja to full health.

Pick up three, and at the end of the level you'll find a special bonus level
which Zoon will help you play. If you don't get three, those you have carry 
over to the next level.

Final Briefing

It's time to start your next mission. Mental Block is expecting you. Intel-
ligence sources have supplied us with some limited information to help you.

- You need to collect 99% of the tokens found on 
  each level before you will be allowed to leave.

- There are false walls to break down, objects to jump on that will give you 
  extra spring in your step and light tubes to whiz through.

- When you're seemingly on a path to nowhere, flashes may provide you with 
  inspiration, or at least a target (Mental Block may be able to make some
  objects invisible, but he is not 100% accurate).

- Snowflakes that spin may make an icy pathway. But remember, ice melts!

Good luck, Ninja. The Nth Dimension is counting on you!



Programming:  Andy Findlay
Graphics:     Ed Campbell
Musix and FX: Pat Phelan, Neil Biggin


Programming:  Trevor Raynsford
Graphics:     James Hartshorn, Colin Jackson
Lead Tester:  Scott Hunter
Testers:      Sim Furniss, Mick Sheehan, Mark Hooley, Hank Cappa, Andrew Keim, 
              Lance J. Lewis, Dan McNamee, Martin Mueller, Joe Sousa
Producer:     John Skruch