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Dragon's Lair - Atari Jaguar
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System: Atari Jaguar
Company: ReadySoft
Model #: 35003
Year of Release: 1995
Media Type: CD-ROM
Number of Players: 1
Controller: Jaguar Controller
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 North America
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Dragon's Lair - Box

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Dragon's Lair is a fairly accurate port of the famous laser disc game from Don Bluth. The graphics are good although not as clean as the original, and you are also forced to complete each stage before you move on, rather than randomizing scenes after a death as in the arcade game. For those who haven't played the game before (where have you been?), Dragon's Lair is basically an interactive cartoon wherein you control the main character by making certain movements at the right time. It's completely scripted through interconnected "scenes" so the replay value is low, but every gamer should play it at least once.

External ReviewsSubmit Review
Atari Gaming Headquarters (by Keita Iida)70%
The Atari Times (by Gregory D. George)50%
Justclaws JagSite (by Unknown)60%
Video Game Critic (by David Mrozek)82%
Average Score: 66%

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